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Not that it matters, but…

Zogby puts Bush’s popularity at 41%, the lowest of his presidency. That seems like good news except the devil, of course, is in the details.

As Zogby writes,

Pessimism about the nation’s direction surged in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, with a 53% majority of voters saying the nation is heading in the wrong direction, while a 42% minority continues to say the nation is on the right track. This is a significant shift since the last Zogby America poll, taken at the end of July, which showed voters evenly divided on the question, with 46% saying the nation was headed in the right direction and 47% saying it was on the wrong track.

Certainly I agree with the majority here but I still want to meet these 42% that say the country is on the right track. Even if you are a right-wing hack, you cannot be happy with the level of discourse in the United States Congress or prospects for an expensive election season next year.

Part of what the left’s political planners don’t get is that the results don’t matter. The Iraq war is souring (and we’ll *never* “win” that conflict, no matter how hard we spin), the economy is being held hostage by oil companies and there seems to be no increase in “homeland security.” Attention right: is having your figurehead in office and a congressional majority enough?

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