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Fair and Balanced Book Reviews


I have been forcing myself to watch as much Fox News as I can this weekend, to see if there would even be one mention of the story about Karl Rove in the Plame case. You might be surprised to learn that the fair and balanced coverage doesn’t include criticism of Karl. Good to know…

Anyway, for some reason. mid-afternoon Monday is apparently Right Wing Book Review hour. In the past 25 minutes, “the news” has consisted of bringing on three authors to discuss their quality works, in effect, providing free commercial time. What critical books did we learn about?

Well, first we got to learn about the Ezekiel Option, a fictional account of the effort of God to save Israel from an Iranian nuclear attack. Well, the Christians in Israel, anyway. The best part was that the Foxcaster was actually trying to make the interview legitimate, asking this yahoo about the real world situation. The whole time the author was just shilling his title.

Next, we move to the fair and balanced title, “Invasion Within: Overcoming the Elitists’ Attack on Moral Values and the American Way”. This guy might have been too crazy for Fox, even, as his interview was cut short.

Finally, we were treated to the appearance of the author of The Criminalization of Christianity : Read This Book Before It Becomes Illegal! This woman contends that America is increasingly hostile to Christianity–in the face of all evidence to the contrary. I suppose it makes sense that the one user review on Amazon is for the audio book.

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