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Is Trump’s shtick wearing thin?

Written by Pete Talbot

It’s such a catchy name: Billings Auto Arena. That’s where Donald J. Trump addressed a far from capacity crowd. He was there to slam Sen. Jon Tester, attack the press, praise himself and otherwise make the Office of the Presidency seem tawdry and foolish.

It’s getting old. From the Washington Post:

Although Trump rallies are typically boisterous, the crowd in Montana was restrained, and the president, who tends to feed off the energy of his audience, appeared at times to be going through the motions.

For over an hour, he veered from Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh to trade wars to the New York Times to impeachment: “I say how do you impeach somebody who is doing a great job, hasn’t done anything wrong?” he ventured.

But incoherent streams of semiconsciousness mixed with self-aggrandizing and whining isn’t playing that well anymore. More from the Post:

Sections of the arena were empty. The crowd was silent at times during his comments.

U.S. Senate Candidate Matt Rosendale and incumbent U.S. House candidate Greg Gianforte made very brief appearances because, after all, these rallies are all about Trump.

According to the Billings Gazette, he did add his support for Gianforte’s assault on a reporter: “This man has fought in more ways than one,” Trump said. “Greg Gianforte, he is a fighter and a winner.”

White House aides said multiple campaign events are planned over the next several weeks yet even some of his base are starting to get weary.

While Sen. Steve Daines and congressional candidates Rosendale and Gianforte were all a-Twitter over Trump’s visit, one has to wonder if his rallies aren’t doing as much harm as good. As Trump’s approval ratings continue their descent, candidates hitching their wagon to his star must be concerned.

He may be galavanting around the country in an attempt to keep the House and Senate in Republican hands, as the Post reported: “But it was his own future that was clearly on his mind.


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