Let Them Eat Ice Cream: What Matt Rosendale Thinks of Montana Veterans


Curious if State Auditor Matt Rosendale has any plans to go to work this week (spoiler: he doesn’t), I went to visit his campaign events page and saw that on Saturday, Mr. Rosendale plans to “celebrate our veterans” in Hamilton.

And what does candidate Rosendale plan to offer those who have given so much in service to our country?

An ice cream social.

For a typical candidate, such an offer may not have been a slight, but for Rosendale to suggest that all veterans deserve is a melted bowl of ice cream and some anti-government rhetoric is beyond insulting, as Rosendale voted repeatedly against the interests of Montana veterans while a member of the Montana legislature.

As we pointed out here, he voted against a program designed to help veterans purchase their first homes.

He voted against funding for the veterans’ homes in Columbia Falls and Butte, vital facilities that serve veterans in their local communities. He even wanted to privatize the facility in Columbia Falls, over the objections of Republicans like Ryan Zinke.

He even voted against a program that would have offered small scholarships to Montana Purple Heart recipients.

And when confronted with those votes, Rosendale told the people of Montana that he wouldn’t even bother to explain.

Now that he’s a candidate for higher office (again), Rosendale wants Montana veterans to believe he has their interests at heart and thinks that some words and a frozen treat will make up for a record hostile to their interests and ignorant of their needs.

Veterans, who’ve seen Jon Tester almost single-handedly get the new facility in Butte funded and under construction and pass vital VA reform, know the truth: when it comes to honoring the sacrifice of those who have served in our military and working to ensure they’ll get the best care, the choice is clear. Montana needs to keep Jon Tester fighting for veterans and not let Matt Rosendale undue that vital work.

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