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John Heenan will stand against dark money in politics


Written by Bozeman State Representative Tom Woods

The good news is that all of the Democrats who are in the Democratic primary for Congress are people who I respect and agree with on many issues such as social justice for all, women’s rights, public lands and LGBTQ rights. I will support any one of them in the general election against Congressman Greg Gianforte. Period.

With that said, I am endorsing the candidate who has taken action on what I believe to be the central political problem we face as a nation: the influence of corporate money on government. That candidate is John Heenan. Not only has he refused to accept corporate PAC money, in the recent past he volunteered to prosecute those people who were using “dark money” to influence state races for Legislature. Those actions speak loudly to me.

I am endorsing John Heenan in the Democratic Primary also because he speaks an economic message that come from the heart of Democratic values. Like many of us, Mr. Heenan believes that our Congress should be working towards increasing minimum wage, meaningful health care reform and protecting social security. In short, we need to have a government that is run by people and working for the people.

Rep. Tom Woods



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