Libertarian Breckinridge Files for Senate – Record Number of Libertarians Running for Office


Filing to run for office in Montana ended today at 5 pm and a record number of libertarian candidates have filed to run for office.

22 Libertarian candidates in total.

Rick Breckinridge, who lives in the Flathead, stood up to be counted today as the Libertarian candidate for Senate. Breckinridge is an experienced candidate having run several times previously. Breckinridge stated about his candidacy:

“Win, lose or draw, we have a duty to do” he said. “I am answering that call of duty.”

He said the government needs to be forced into to doing some self-evaluation to review why industries are not being competitive.

Breckenridge said as a Libertarian he would work both sides of the aisle.

“If we do not come together to solve problems they will get worse.” He said, adding the big egos between Republicans and Democrats is what got us $20 trillion in debt.

“Now that Republicans get the reins, deficits are OK,” he said. “Why was it not OK under Obama, but OK now?”

Breckenridge also said tax reform passed by Congress in December and signed by the president will bring headaches to some workers in 2019.

Along with Breckinridge for Senate, you had 20 libertarian candidates file for the legislature including 8 races where the Libertarian is running against only one other opponent.

Like in HD 69:

A Libertarian is also running in U.S. House race, Elinor Swanson, that brings up the total number of Libertarian candidates up to 22.

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