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Missouri special election gives hope for Montana in 2018


Montana Democrats should briefly turn their attention to Missouri where Democrat Mike Revis flipped a state house seat from red to blue.

In a safe Republican district the Democratic underdog won yesterday while besting Hillary Clinton’s 2016 performance by a surprising 31 points. According to Daily Kos it’s the 35th red to blue flip since President Trump’s election.

The suburban St. Louis district featured no Democrat on the ballot in 2016. While the Dem picked up just 33 percent of the vote in 2014.

Last week we compared all of Montana’s House Democratic pickup opportunities to the performance of candidates in special elections like Missouri’s. Caveats are necessary, but if you believe Donald Trump will bring down the Republican brand to levels where elections like Missouri’s are possible then the Montana House could be in play.

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Max is the founder of Power Street Strategies a political and public communications consulting firm based in Helena. You can find his very biased opinions on the Houston Rockets at The Dream Shake and his thoughts on his cats (loves them) and the Star Wars prequels (loves them even more) on Twitter @CroesFire.

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