Ten Ways Trump’s Tax Bill Rip-Off Hurts Montanans


Source for header photo: The LA Times

1. It would hurt Montana teachers

Source: Ed Week

2. It would hurt Montana students

Sources: CNN and VICE News

3. It would hurt chronically ill Montanans

Source: The Hill

4. It would hurt all Montanans who deduct state and local taxes

Source: The New York Times

Source: Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

5. It would hurt Montana women and families

Source: The Intercept

6. It would hurt Montana homeowners

Source: USA Today

7. It would hurt Montana seniors

Source: Billings Gazette

8. It would explode the national debt

Source: Reuters

9. It would hurt Montana veterans

Source: Shareblue

10. It would hurt disabled Montanans

Source: U.S House Ways and Means Committee

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