The Case Against Ryan Zinke


I decided to research a piece on Ryan Zinke and his record as a Navy SEAL, as a Montana State Senator, as a Congressman and as Secretary of the Interior. I spent hours and hours researching. So much.

I am not going to even try to write an article on this material. I am just going to give you a quick summation of the article and you can decide what you want to read. Don Pogreba has done such thorough and exhaustive research and cataloging over the years that this will be a lot.

The Case Against Ryan Zinke

I will start with some highlights that could have been missed over the years, a shocker even for me at the beginning.

While running for Congress in 2014 Zinke Took a Donation from Richard Spencer

Ryan Zinke Touts a White Supremacist Endorsement

Zinke Pushes Hate Groups Legislation with bonus Puerto Rico involvement

Zinke’s Poll Numbers are not looking good of late

Zinke’s Phony PAC Scam

Zinke’s Ethics Violations Led to his Dismissal from Navy SEALs

Zinke Lawsuit

Zinke and the Ponzi Schemer

Campaign Complaint Filed on Sweetheart RV Sale to Politician Friend

Teddy Roosevelt IV calls out Zinke

Zinke Opposes Women in Combat

Ryan Zinke Breaks Department of Defense Policy, more than once

Ryan and Lola Zinke live in California

That Time Ryan Zinke Called Hillary Clinton the Anti-Christ

And Later, When She Confronted him at the Inauguration About it


Whitefish Energy, No-Bid Contract in Puerto Rico


National Monuments Review


Travel Concerns



Threatening Murkowski Investigation


Las Vegas Travel Investigation


Public Lands

Double cost of National Park Visit


Environmental Concerns


Military Concerns



Ryan Zinke’s Special Flag

Zinke Claims Interior Employees Not Loyal to Trump

Horse Slaughter

Zinke’s daughter

Zinke Floats own name as Speaker of the House as Congressional Freshman

Zinke tries to take credit for Bin Laden raid

Zinke Military Records

Zinke Military Discharge Document

Zinke’s Effort to Undermine Indian Sovereignty

Favors cutting Interior Budget

Zinke Turned down VA head job for Interior

Zinke Praises Saddam Hussein

Flip-Flopping Gun Record

Zinke Praises Putin

Zinke Tours Fort Harrison with Leading Voice to Privatize the VA

Zinke Speaks out against NATO

Zinke RNC Speech Recap

Zinke Opposes Same-Sex Marriage

Zinke Voted to Destroy Medicare and Slash Pell Grants as Congressman

Zinke Voted to End Amtrak Funding(One of the Main Employers in his Hometown of Whitefish)

Zinke Votes to Restrict Abortion and Increase Taxes on Small Businesses

Ryan Zinke Endorses Torture

Zinke’s Losing Campaign as a Lieutenant Governor Candidate

Zinke on Confederate Statues





Articles Detailing that he’s involved in Multiple Scandals



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Matthew Koehler
Matthew Koehler

Good collection of links and information. Since it’s #ThrowbackThursday, it’s worth remembering that a bunch of “Sportsmen’s” groups in Montana (including groups that count Donald Trump Jr as a supporter and/or board member) praised Ryan Zinke, and made Zinke out to be a public lands champion and Teddy Roosevelt re-incarnated. Many of us (including folks on this blog) have spoken the truth about Zinke’s real public lands record all along. From my December 16, 2016 press statement: Rep Ryan Zinke has an established track record of being pro-coal, pro-fracking, pro-logging, anti-science and anti-endangered species act when it comes to managing… Read more »


This is such a strange post that I have to ask you a few questions:

First – are you under the impression that Secretary Zinke is a politician, running for re-election?

(He isn’t, he works for President Trump)

Second, do you think his job is making policy, or enforcing the policy sent down from the President?

Third, are you under the impression that he is still representing Montana, and should care what the Hillary Democrats think?


AFAIC, hinky Zinke is always looking for an elected office to take a run at. He is banking all kinds of favors for his next campaign.

I wonder if he will fly his flag over his location in WF today.


1. Yes, ZInke is still a politician. I’m quite willing to bet he’ll run for office again. Surely you know that at least, right?

2. Given that he writes policy recommendations for the President, it’s important to know what policies he’s promoting, right?

3. I don’t think many of us (Republicans included) ever thought he was representing Montana.

Lynn Meade
Lynn Meade

I just wish that most of your research were from more main stream sources and not predominantly the Montana Post, Huffington Post etc. – which are known to have a strong left lean. Don’t get me wrong – i’m a left leaner myself however if I’m not going to recommend or argue a point unless I can back it up with more mainstream sources who can’t be dismissed as just liberal “spin” from liberal “spin rags”.

Paul Archie
Paul Archie

The problem is, who would a Republican consider a reliable, mainstream source in light of the ongoing attacks on mainstream media? CNN, NBC, Washington Post, New York Times are all definitely out. Probably ABC and CBS as well. Certainly the Guardian and the Independent are fake news. So I’m curious what news outlet would pass the ‘real’ news test thrown down by this administration and friends?

Pete Talbot

Those knotheads prefer Breitbart and Fox, Hannity and Rush. There’s no reasoning with them.

Don Pogreba

I get your point, Lynn, but a great deal of the coverage and attention here has happened simply because the media was so soft on Zinke for so long. And I do stand by everything I’ve written. My personal politics have never led me to write anything that wasn’t true. I’d be happy to correct anything that is factually inaccurate.


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