Secretary Zinke returns to Whitefish this Thursday


Ryan Zinke is coming home to Whitefish this Thursday, November 2nd for his 56th birthday party.

Welcome him home by asking him to protect public lands with MontPIRG in downtown Whitefish.

Thursday, November 2nd, 5:30-7pm – 101 Central Avenue, Whitefish: RSVP Here

Since being appointed as President Trump’s Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke has forgotten what Montana values look like.

From trying to open up our national monuments to oil and gas exploration to doubling the price of admission to our national parks, Ryan has proved that he is no friend of public lands.

From Don Pogreba in this post:

Ryan Zinke has always struggled to define his position on our public lands. The Secretary of the Interior has always painted himself as a Teddy Roosevelt Republican, committed to the protection of public spaces and preservation of the special, untouched places that make the West what it is, but his policy record shows a person far too often more interested in protecting the interests of multinational corporations and private landowners than the public interest. As Secretary of the Interior, that tension between the persona Zinke has created and the politician he has become even more apparent.

Join the MontPIRG team and concerned Flathead residents to greet Secretary Zinke to remind them that public lands are a cornerstone of our nation and they belong to all of us. Bring your homemade “Keep Public Lands in Public Hands” signs to let Secretary Zinke know that we won’t stand for his attacks on these special outdoor places.

Public Lands in Public Hands Whitefish Rally: RSVP HERE

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Pete Talbot

The level of Zinke malfeasance knows no bounds. Besides his disdain for public lands and National Parks, there are the myriad scandals: chartered jets for political events, scam PACs, questionable campaign finance dealings and possibly a Whitefish Power connection.

Then there’s this:

No federal climate change scientists invited to the meeting? This has Zinke’s and Sec. of Ag. Perdue’s fingerprints all over it.

Michael Pedersen
Michael Pedersen

Secretary Zinke, like all of Drumpf’s anti-cabinet of con-artists, corporate lackeys, doofusses, morons, and thieves is spectacularly unqualified and the antithesis of his job description.

Paula Dee (@RoadrageinWY)

How nice,. Zinke coming to Whitefish for his birthday! I suppose Dickie Spencer will be officiating over the festivities? Will the “boyz in the hoodz” march in honor?

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