Honorable Negotiations to End Hostilities Only Way Forward for an Afghanistan ‘Mired in Stalemate’


It’s time for Democrats and Republicans to agree on one simple truth.

America’s presence in Afghanistan needs to come to an end.

We have engaged in a war that has lasted a generation and we have not secured a safer world or ensured the freedom of Afghani’s from the repressive Taliban. When Osama Bin Laden was assassinated it spawned a chaos that was uncontrollable amongst the networks he had held together.

We have an enemy in Daesh that needs the full of attention of our military and spending good dollars after bad in Afghanistan does nothing to bring back the lives lost in this seemingly endless struggle.

America has no more time for war, no more money for war, we’ve got higher priorities. We must fight our own wars at home, a war against poverty and medical bankruptcy. A war against opioid addiction and Alzheimers. A war for the heart and soul of a bitterly divided America that needs to be healed through human connection, not divisive rhetoric and war.

It is a war that does not seem like it will ever end; so we must win the peace with honor.

Perhaps we can learn from history, Walter Cronkite put it best:

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