Gianforte Guts Medicare by Half Trillion Dollars to Give Himself Massive Tax Break


Multimillionaire Congressman Greg Gianforte voted to cut more than $470 billion from Medicare over the next decade and turn the health care program into a voucher system in the name of giving himself a tax break.

The reduction in Medicare funding will be used in the recently unveiled tax proposal to finance giveaways to superwealthy Americans like Gianforte.

During his campaign for Congress, Gianforte wrote that he would fight for older Montanans: “I’ll work to protect and strengthen Social Security and Medicare.” But his vote to cut almost half a trillion dollars from Medicare proves this promise to be just another example of Gianforte breaking his word to Montanans.

It looks like Gianforte, who is one of the richest members of Congress, is willing to sacrifice critical services Montanans have earned through a lifetime of hard work if it helps him save money during tax season.

Perhaps someday Greg Gianforte will quit breaking his promises to Montanans, but today is not that day.

Medicare has been paid into for years by Montanans and they deserve the benefit.

Greg Gianforte has proven over and over again that his election to Congress was about helping himself, not Montanans.

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  • The guy is a thug and smug. He should be in jail not in Government representing Montanians

  • This guy declared he is a selfish ass from the begiining .He makes me want to puke. Each one of these Rich, Republican asses are going to continue to rape and pilfar good Americans whenever and wherever they can..Why not target Meficate. All us Deniors have paid onillions of dollars for a lifetime
    This ass and his cronues are going to and take all . We need to temaon vigilant and play our cards tight every single minute .!,?????

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