The Kind of Rhetoric the Montana Family Foundation Supports: Threats, Lies, and Abuse


As you’ve no doubt heard, the Montana Family Foundation is working hard to pass a ballot initiative that would restrict bathroom and locker room use to ” members of one sex” and prohibit ” persons from using a protected facility other than the facility that is designated for that person’s sex.” The proposal is an expensive, bigoted effort to raise funds for the Montana Family Foundation and help Republicans win elections, the consequences to human beings and the Montana economy notwithstanding.

We’ll certainly talk more here about why this is a terrible initiative, but today I want to focus on how the Montana Family Foundation made the best argument against this proposal today on Facebook. From the MFF:

The comments on the Billings Gazette’s Facebook page on this are pretty clear – Montanan’s (sic) WANT their children to be protected while at school and DO NOT want them sharing private spaces with the opposite sex.

There’s no qualification there, no rejection of hateful rhetoric, and no sign that the Montana Family Foundation is concerned about whipping up ill-founded hatred against transgender human beings. So let’s take a look at the kind of rhetoric they’re endorsing as justification for the measure, shall we?

(Typically, I would not post the names of people who are not public figures, but given the eagerness with which these people exposed their views on a public Facebook page, it seemed appropriate.)

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Quite the horrific display endorsed by the good people at the Montana Family Foundation, who seem to have missed reading the second half of the Bible and its talk about love in their effort to fundraise off the pain of LGBTQ teenagers. It’s hard not to note that the Montana Family Foundation failed to reject homophobic, discriminatory, and even threatening language here.

The comments on this post (and their endorsement by the Montana Family Foundation) make an excellent case for rejecting this ballot initiative. The transgender community is subject to violence, abuse, and threats from people who seek to strip them of their humanity.

There are millions of economic reasons to reject this hateful proposal, but I’d like to believe that Montanans will reject it out of basic human decency. Do you really want your signature on a proposal that people like this support?

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  • Thanks for exposing this bigoted ignorant hatred. I am more concerned with these religious zealots than any trans person.

  • More people have been molested in public restrooms by sitting members of Congress than by transgender people.

        • Yes, they were. And a series of criminals who were punished for their misdeeds. How that relates to the topic of transgender people being treated well is perhaps clear in the mind of a bigot, but not to anyone else.

          • Dahmer, Croll, the Florida nightclub murderer, and several other killers questioned their sexuality.

            “Treated well” doesn’t have to include transitioning individuals sharing the showers with a girls volleyball team.

    • @Portly Swede with Tiny Hands – It’s unlikely that the vicious, hate-filled initiative that has you so excited will even get enough signatures to get on the ballot. People are becoming aware of the consequences of the bigotry endorsed by the so-called president, and they’re finding that sort of rabid ugliness more distasteful by the day.

      Your perverse obsession with women and girls in the bathroom says a lot more about you than about the people you fear so much.

      • First of all Fred you need to review Don’s rules.

        “We reserve the right to delete or edit comments that are offensive, rude, attacking, personal, or just plain inappropriate.”

        Second, I don’t think one sentence qualifies as an “obsession”.

        Thirdly, the signature gathering is going well and we expect to be on the ballot and win.

        • @Big Sweety (There. Is that nice enough for your snowflake tenderness?) – Signature gathering going well? You’ve reached 100 already? Impressive!

          One sentence? Please! You have flooded this forum with false claims, hate-filled bigotry, and prurient ranting. Your campaign to profile and attack a particular segment of our society reveals a perverse obsession with pedophilia and exhibitionism.

          You should be aware that there is professional counseling available, but I have to caution you that it is seldom really effective.

  • I’ve come to the conclusion that the Montana Family Foundation is really all about Jeff Lazzloffy, the foundation’s president. He isn’t really concerned about transgender locker room or bathroom use. He just needs to keep the foundation going, gain some notoriety and peel off a little cash for himself.

    Please, please, Jeff, link to one story in Montana where kids feel threatened by transgendered people using bath or locker facilities — one instance of a transgender person spying on or molesting someone in a bathroom.

    There is no problem here but Lazzloffy will exploit the transgender community just the same for personal gain.

      • You should seriously work on reading comprehension skills. I’m proud of you for making it all the way through the headline, but I’m pretty confused about how stories like ones about a straight dude filming women in the bathroom of his house proves the threat of transgender people.

        • Is that what it said Don?

          “Seattle Parks and Recreation is facing a first-of-a-kind challenge to gender bathroom rules. A man undressed in a women’s locker room, citing a new state rule that allows people to choose a bathroom based on gender identity.”

          • Reading is hard. From the story:
            “This didn’t seem like a transgender issue to staff – someone who was “identifying” as a woman,” Takami said in a statement. “We have guidelines that allow transgender individuals to use restrooms and locker rooms consistent with their gender identity. We want everyone to feel comfortable in our facilities.”

            You can’t just read the chyron and wait for Hannity to explain it to you.

            And the vast majority of those stories in your original link are about straight, cis men. Can you at least admit that? Is the truth that difficult for you?

            • Transgender’s or perverts taking advantage of the new law makes no difference to me.

              They’re still there because of the change in policy.

              • And with that, you’re done. I’d like to thank you for conclusively demonstrating that bigotry is rooted in ignorance. It’s got to be hard struggling with a world that’s changing around your bigoted, retrograde views, but you’re going to have to continue that struggle somewhere else. You’re not welcome here.

      • Ahh, Breitbart, that bastion of objective journalism. Of course, there wasn’t one link in the story to an actual transgender person molesting anyone. There was a link about some pervert claiming to be trans so he could peep, but the difference there is lost on you, Swede. Maybe you should keep your relatives and family friends out of your bathrooms and locker rooms as there’s a greater chance of them molesting your kids than anyone in the transgender community.

  • “After President Donald Trump took to Twitter last week to announce a militarywide ban on transgender personnel, one former Navy SEAL lobbed a warning at the White House.

    “You just smacked the hornet’s nest with a baseball bat, and there’s going to be a lot of people who are going to start to come out of the woodwork,” Kristin Beck, a transgender war veteran and Purple Heart recipient, said in the latest episode of “Women Rule.”

    Beck, whose past deployments included tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, expressed deeper disappointment in Trump, saying that his ban showed “hate” and “bigotry” toward those serving in the armed forces.

    “They’re a soldier, they’re serving their country. Treat them with dignity and respect just like you would want to be treated yourself,” she said. “It’s not very difficult.””

    Maybe MFF and Swede should have a chat with Kristin.

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