Must Read in The Nation About Ryan Zinke’s Effort to Silence Public Input on Public Lands


It hasn’t taken Ryan Zinke long to show that, far from being a “Teddy Roosevelt Republican, he’s just another corporate tool in the Trump Administration. The Nation reports that he’s doing everything he can to keep the public from having input on monument designations in Utah:

But Zinke has not made it easy for the public to participate in the review process—in fact, in some ways he’s made it more difficult. As The Salt Lake Tribune reports, Zinke held no public meetings during his Utah trip, in contrast to his predecessor Sally Jewell, who held a four-hour meeting prior to the designation of the Bears Ears monument, with more than 1,000 in attendance. Zinke met with pro-monument and Native American groups for less than two hours, while he traveled “extensively” with prominent members of the anti-monument camp throughout his four-day trip, which was largely organized by Republican Governor Gary Herbert, a critic of the monuments.

Watch out, Montana. He’s coming for the Upper Missouri River Breaks next.

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Since Hillary lost when has there been a productive public meeting with all the alt left exploding heads shouting idiotic disruptive statements?


No matter how loud you yell the middle class will not listen to you. Wake up.

Ken Schmidt
Ken Schmidt

Keep up the real news, disregard the rants of the clueless.


[…] their governments other than to yell at a woman who was trying to get him to answer a question. He held no public meetings and spent most of his time listening to people who oppose the monument status. The Washington Post […]

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