In These Times, Rewire, and Rolling Stone Cover the Montana Congressional Race


I’m really excited to be able to highlight the work of one of my former students, Joe Bullington, who wrote an excellent piece about the state of the race in Montana. Read the excerpt here and then be sure to read the whole piece:

The Montana special election, then, is a chance for Montana to show its stubborn independence and confound national expectations. It’s less a referendum on Trump and more a test of the radical idea behind Sanders’ run: that a volunteer-powered, small-donor-funded, populist campaign can overcome one backed by big money and a national party apparatus.

I had the opportunity to write another piece, taking a closer look at how Greg Gianforte’s fringe Republican values and Rob Quist’s progressive message have turned what should have been an easy Republican win into a turnout election:

With ten days left until the election, most observers argue that turnout and voter enthusiasm will decide the race. State Rep. Hill Smith believes the combination of Gianforte’s conservative policy positions and Quist’s embrace of progressive causes could lead Quist to pull off the upset on May 25, telling Rewire that “‘enthusiastic voters,’ the women’s marchers, the Bernie supporters, the disaffected and the angry and the students” could help Quist win in Montana.

Check out the whole piece at Rewire.

Finally, Tim Dickinson, writing for Rolling Stone:

Eventually, Quist tells me, he threw his “well-traveled hat” into the ring because the political pendulum has “swung as far to the right at it’s ever swung” in his lifetime. “I want to be part of the movement to bring it back,” he says. “And with greater force. That’s why I’m here.”

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