Daines supports Pruitt, toxic waste sites in Montana


Montana has 15 Superfund sites and a few more under study; mostly old mines, smelters, mills and railroad yards suffused with pentachlorophenals, arsenic, cadmium, lead, di-and-tetrachlroethanes and other nasty toxins.

Future sites could include the ponds along the Clark Fork River in Frenchtown where the old Smurfit-Stone Mill dumped its chlorine wastes and other dioxins. The coal ash holding ponds in Colstrip could end up on the list, too. There’ll be others.

The Environmental Protection Agency administers the clean up of these sites, holding the former owners of these properties accountable, wherever possible.

Scott Pruitt was just conformed as head of the EPA. While serving as Oklahoma Attorney General, he sued the agency a dozen times. Pruitt’s top goal is to return most pollution oversight to the states, which are ill-prepared to take on the corporate polluters. He’s also in bed with the fossil fuel industry and he’s a climate change denier.

Appointing Scott Pruitt as head of the EPA is akin to making Keith Richards the U.S. Surgeon General.

Montana Sen. Steve Daines voted to confirm Pruitt, ensuring a legacy of polluted air, earth and water. Sen. Jon Tester voted against the appointment.

Thank you, Sen. Tester, for your vote. Curse you, Sen. Daines, for yours.

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Pete Talbot

'Papa’ Pete Talbot is first and foremost a grandfather to five wonderful grandchildren. Like many Montanans, he has held numerous jobs over the years: film and video producer, a partner in a marketing and advertising firm, a builder and a property manager. He’s served on local and statewide Democratic Party boards. Pete has also been blogging at various sites for over a decade. Ping-pong and skiing are his favorite diversions. He enjoys bourbon.

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  • What an imperfect time for Pruitt to Head EPA!
    Rapid fire changes abound. DOD-Army Corps of Engineers announces no more DAPL Study. Oh what timing! Now we hear DAPL may finish boring 100’ below the mile wide Missouri River at Standing Rock IN MID MARCH instead of May.
    Oh what grand timing! TransCanada Files 400 pages for Permit to route, construct and Operate Keystone KXl LP pipeline through Nebraska. Files with Nebraska PSC to Operate as common carrier between Foreign Owned Shippers of Alberta dilbit to mostly Foreign Owned refineries in seaport Port Arthur, Texas. Permit to be granted within 210 days.
    Surely KXL won’t File for a Montana Permit, for a few more months, maybe, perhaps.

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