A Plea for Unity


Last night, Governor Bullock gave his State of the State Address where he addressed legislative priorities in education, infrastructure and the budget. The most important priority however, was unity between the Democrats and Republicans. He proposed the challenge to the legislature to get something on his desk that “we can all agree on.” However, Republican speaker of the house, Austin Knudsen, made it clear that the Republicans are not willing to set aside party lines for the good of Montanans in his response to Bullock’s State of the State.

Compromise is crucial to Montana, and Bullock outlined the willingness for compromise in his address. Republicans need to realize that this is a time for Montanans, not party differences.

A link to the address can be found here

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Faith Scow

Faith is a student at Carroll College and member of the "Talking Saints" debate team. Well traveled, Faith spent last summer exploring many countries including Norway, France, Germany and Croatia. She believes that impactful policy is made at the local level and that young women are extremely under represented in politics.


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