We’ve gone mad


The first time I got to vote was 1972. I voted for George McGovern for President. He lost every state but Massachusetts. His opponent was Richard Nixon, the incumbent and Vietnam War enabler, who left the White House in disgrace 21 months later.

I’ve suffered other election disappointments since then but last night was the worst. It’s a nightmare come true.

There have been good elections – some national, some statewide, many local — but they’re getting fewer and farther between.

I have little to say about the Presidential election. I’m numb. I did have a friend call me to tell me he is scared shitless that his pre-existing health condition will mean no more insurance once Congress and Trump torpedo Obamacare.

Two other big heartbreakers for me were Denise Juneau’s loss to Ryan Zinke and Gail Gutsche’s PSC loss to Bob Lake. Denise’s race was another opportunity to make history and Gail would have brought forward-thinking to the all-Republican PSC.

Of course, the Tier B losses were deeply upsetting. Among other things, starting next year we can look forward to the Montana State Land Board auctioning off state trust lands to the highest bidder.

There were a few decent statewide and local wins: Sandefur won big over challenger Juras (by 13 points) and Bullock beat Gianforte (by four points). I haven’t delved too deeply into legislative races but maybe we picked up a seat or two. Wrong. Democrats lost three state senate seats and held steady in the house.

We passed the medical marijuana initiative, although for the life of me, I can’t understand how people could vote for that one and then turn around and vote for someone who’d gladly strip away a sick person’s right to smoke pot.

I, like Don, am going to take a blogging hiatus. Other projects deserve my attention — some political, some not. And maybe, like Don, I’ll get drawn back in when the 2017 Montana Legislature convenes.

Thanks, Don, for letting me contribute. It has been a privilege and I hope I added something to the political dialogue in my own, small way. And thank you, readers, for engaging with me over the years.

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About the author

Pete Talbot

'Papa’ Pete Talbot is first and foremost a grandfather to five wonderful grandchildren. Like many Montanans, he has held numerous jobs over the years: film and video producer, a partner in a marketing and advertising firm, a builder and a property manager. He’s served on local and statewide Democratic Party boards. Pete has also been blogging at various sites for over a decade. Ping-pong and skiing are his favorite diversions. He enjoys bourbon.


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  • Well-written piece that reflec6ts my opinions.
    Don’t give up hope. Last night Havre elected to the Montana House 18-year-old Jacob Bachmeier who defeated the incumbent. She had worked with Art Witich against Medicaid Expansion. Jacob will be around Montana politics for the next 60 years. Our future is brighter than our present.

  • Well, Pete, you’re probably about my age. and hence, you and I and all folks our age should understand better than most that what is happening now is simply the culmination of what started in 1947 with the creation of the CIA, for we lived through the greater part of it. And when they whacked Kennedy, that was the beginning of the end. It was our first coup. This is just the second.

    Oh sure, we were too young to realize it then and do anything about it, but our elders should have fought back vigorously right then and there. They could have nipped this fascism in the bud. But they didn’t. Who knows why? But now, we are forced to deal with it. And that’s just real sad.

    Kennedy knew, and he understood perfectly well what was going on. That is why he wanted to break the CIA into a thousand pieces. And that is why the CIA whacked him. He even warned us in one of his last speeches, the American University speech.

    It’s impossible to understand Drumpf without understanding our history. They fascists have been calling the shots for a long, loooong time now. They just didn’t call themselves fascists. Now they don’t have to worry about that any more, for fascism has morphed into a good thing with Drumpf, MUCH more efficient than democracy, right? Trains on time, etc.

    Bottom line? We’re in deep doo doo, for our problems are imbedded in all aspects of our culture. In other words, this IS our reality, reality TV made real! There really is plenty of blame to go around for the rise of Drumpf, but we best start by putting it into historical perspective. Only difference is that this time it is NOT Guatemala, ’54, Iran, Syria, Iraq, etc., or any of the other places the CIA took over. Now, it’s America! Same folks, same tactics. Che was right. There is only one way to deal with these folks.

    Robert Kennedy jr. lays it all out very well.


    And Puhhhleese don’t tell me our brave soldiers are dying to protect our freedom. Biggest lie of the last twenty years.

    • For the young ones. This is the speech that got Kennedy killed. He is telling you whom to fear, your own CIA. It was the bravest speech I have ever heard in my life. And it cost him his. The chickens are now coming home to roost. Blowback is a b*tch. The sins of this country will now come back upon us with a vengeance. But that’s the way karma works. HEY, I didn’t invent it. I’m just explaining it. It’s gonna get ugly, real ugly, before it gets better. And there ain’t a dammm thing Jeezus can do about it!

  • I can’t imagine it was too heartbreaking, because you have known for a long time what a flawed candidate Hillary was.

    And Juneau was no surprise, I told you weeks ago that she would do no better than Amanda Curtis, or Dennis McDonald. She was simply the wrong candidate too.

    Being a Ted Cruz supporter, my guy didn’t make it either, he was swept up in the Trump Tsunami too.

  • I know that some of the best minds in the state come to this blog, so I have a question, for I’d really like to know. Just what are the anti-Trump protestors prostesting? And why? Democracy? Seems to me the guy won fair and square. Seems to me more meaningless nonsense from the left. And that is a big reason why the left lost. Nonsense.

  • I see that Bullock sent highway patrolmen to Standing Rock to help knock heads. It’s this kind of action that speaks loudest about where the modern Democratic Party stands. No wonder they’re losing all over the country. They have no ethical center.

      • Didn’t see any of your comments in spam or “pending.” And you’re not on the “blacklist,” but Don’s the computer guru, not me. Maybe try again?

        • Good. Interesting discussion that you and Skink had over at the limp lizard site. Funny thing is that I have had that very same type of discussion in my head since Drumpf won. It’s easy to see both points of view.

          I think that really, regardless of blame, the only thing left to see is how well America handles fascism. I’m betting that it isn’t going to be as easy as the fascists think. We will definitely be tested now as a people and as a country. If there exists any courage left, we just may have a chance.

          I hold up as an example the supreme court race here in Mt. in which Sandefur won. Hell, by all rights that crazy-azzed jurass woman should have won. But she didn’t even with huge amounts of dark money. Why? Why didn’t she win?

          Well, Sandefur fought back and fought back hard. Some might call what he did uncivil when he confronted her face to face here in GF. I call if fighting back when someone is figuratively kicking you in the nuts! You don’t have to be particularly civil to mean, nasty, uncivil people who pretend that they aren’t kicking you and democracy in the nuts for Jesus. She had Jesus and Sandefur had courage, sumthin’ the wingers is this state hadn’t counted on. They’ve been used to gettin’ their way for a long time by intimidating people.

          btw, here is one of the best things I’ve seen yet about the election. It explains clearly where we are now. And it’s scary. It’s worth a careful read. The world has been here before, but now it’s our turn.


  • One of my favorite songs, written by one of my favorite song writers, performed by one of my favorite ladies, who is dressed as one of my favorite politicians, who gives us much needed hope for our favorite country.


    WHERE IS THE FASCIST EQUIVALENT?! Is there a song called Grab’em by the P*ssy??? Gotta be, right? Nazi art. It just doesn’t exist!

  • But…………..but………..but, they’re NAZIS! We should fear them, right? Well, as I mentioned in a previous comment, it AIN’T gonna be so easy for Herr Drumpfster here in the land of the free. We’re WAY beyond the KKK and the nazzzzzzzzzi party, and the white sumpremenits here in Montana. It’s over for them. We’re MUCH too diverse, as in diversity, inbreds! Now, let’s get the party started!

    I’m just not too worried yet. Drumpfster was a fluke. We’ll be OK, AFTER we knock the beeejeezus outta the christofascist jeezus jumpers and nazzzis!


  • I would like to lock Pop and that POS Drumpf in a room for five minutes, only five, just five minutes, and then, see what our country would be like! Yes, I’m a conservative. I want to go back to pre-Nov 8 America. And Pop would get us there. For there is NO one who can kick a nazzzi’s azz like a pissed off Yugoslav! My home boy, Popovich!


    During WW II, the Nazis sent their best crack troops after Tito. Of course, Tito was always two steps ahead of them and twice as smart and tough. Hence, the Nazis never got him. Pop is the same thing, as is our country.

  • Well, THAT is certainly a change that the inbreds can believe in! Geez, I mean, how stupid do you have to be to vote against your own self-interest?


    Funny thing is, I know tons of these so called “kristians” who are all on welfare and Medicaid and who are poopin’ them kids out as fast as they can for Jeezus! (and voted for Drumpf) NOW what are they gonna do? Is Jeezus gonna pay for all them little holy inbreds? Think I’m kidding? Spend a day in any ER or walk in clinic in this country and just pay attention. You’ll see. They’re everywhere! They got Trumped alright. And really, I can’t really object to all draconian cuts. I mean, there really must be some accountability somewhere along the line for these type of folks. They ARE the Pubbie base, along with the racists.

    But speaking of racists, I’m having a real hard time believing that there really are a whole lotta white racists left in this country. I think that the figures are totally overblown. I mean, pick any normal family in America. Hell, we ALL have minorities who’ve married into our families! All family reunions are bi-racial affairs any more. I mean, my own family looks more Mexican than white Anglo, and has for a long time! Almost had black grand children too. No problem for us. So, who ARE all these racists? I don’t get it.

  • Sorry, young dudes. I get’ta keep my medicaire, and you get your country back! A great country at that! Sounds fair to me.


    I turned 65 last August, and it’s the first time I’ve had health care in ten years. And buddy let me tell ya it sure feels good! I had to put off surgery for a few months until I turned 65, and then, it was smooth sailing! What’s a few months of pain, suffering, and uncertainty anyway when you know that the big M is comin’ to take care of you. It’s like, I’M A CANADIAN now, and it SHORE feels great, eh!

    But you young dudes and dudettes, you can enjoy the not the health care benefits of the big M, but the benefits of being in a great country. I mean, you can take a trip to texass and see the Alamo, and then take in The Great Wall of texass! You can view all the toxic superfund sites alon the way that will be built. Or maybe endless hog farms!

    You can watch the Mooselims being deported. You can view the Great Wall of Wall Street bleeding you dry. And you can fly that danm Confederidiot Flag with pride knowin’ that you’re white, and there ain’t a danm thing anybody can do about it! And you can legally beat up any gay, minority, liberal, or furrin’ lookin’ person that you want to!

    Or maybe, if you want to, you can watch FAUX News broadcast live the latest oil war that neocons get us into! That’s more fun than UFC!

    Yep, it’s all good in Drumpf world!…………………….if you’re a moron.

    In all seriousness though, what the hell were people thinking? I tried to warn the Dems twenty-five years ago just what was coming, and they wouldn’t believe me. Well, now it’s here. And ya know, ONLY a moron couldn’t see this coming, for all the signs were there. Dems have a have a really, really hard time understanding that there are some really nasty people out there that want to hurt you. It’s simply not in their nature to think that. But now, they better learn, for these guys will hurt us all!

  • Lugenpresse??? Gee, I’ve been learning lots of new German words from Richard Spencer, the inbred white suprmenit who moved to Montana to start his nazzzi movement. My only complaint is that I pray to God that the Lugenpresse stop referring to these inbreds as Montanans. They’re not. Like the mlisha of Montana, they’re ALL loser transplants from somewhere else. And every time the Lugenpresse says that spencer is a Montana man, every other racist suprmenit wants to move here. And this must stop. That’s one big reason that we have a Lege dominated by Pubbies.


    • What would Woody think of Fred Trump’s son being POTUS, since Fred Trump was NOT Woody’s ‘fave’ since being a slumlord in NYC!

  • Ah yes, Lil’ Richard making Montana SO proud of his outta state arse once again. I mean, come ON, Montana! Kick these inbreds out! No more free rides for these inbred white sumpremnits who move to Montana and immediately claim to be from here and represent our values. Nope. It’s over. STOP the inbred migration in its tracks! Come ON, Montana press. Do your damm jobs!


  • Tee hee. “Children of the sun”. Too funny. More like nazzzi boy gives his crowd of inbreds a golden shower! And they LOVE it! Well, at least they’re not hiding it any longer. But danm! I won’t be able to buy my favorite brown work shirts any longer!


    Seriously, help me out here. Is anti-Semitism really still a thing?? In what demographic? And why?

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