Potpourri: energy, some hate and some polls


Monday action in Butte

Folks will be gathering in Uptown Butte to rally for clean energy. It starts at 11 a.m. Monday, Oct. 10, at Emma Park  (South Dakota and W. Porphyry) and moves up to the corner of W. Park and Main streets, in front of NorthWestern Energy corporate headquarters.

Here’s the reason for the rally, from 350 Missoula spokesman Jeff Smith:

The company has recently proposed spending $1.3 billion on 13 new natural gas generators. Once built, the Montana Public Service Commission will let the company run its generators until the initial investment plus a “reasonable” profit is recovered. But this profit comes at an unreasonable expense to the citizens of Montana. Our top industries, not to mention our way of life, need cold water and deep snowpacks, both of which are rapidly disappearing.

That, and the fact that NorthWestern stymies development of small-scale solar and wind projects, certainly seems to justify this action. Details here.

There are “Christians” and then there are Christians

He has avoided the subject during most of his campaign for governor. From the Associated Press:

Religion plays a central role in the life of Greg Gianforte … but it’s a topic that the Bozeman entrepreneur and philanthropist declines to speak about at this stage.

One might expect a religious man to support the relocation of refugee families from war-torn countries. It’s the Christian thing to do. Apparently it’s not Gianforte’s brand of Chritianity, although it does make for good political fodder. Gianforte is continuing his onslaught on refugees with mailings and a TV spot, depicting them as terrorists bent on a Montana jihad.

I wish I could link to the commercial, but I can’t find it anywhere (a little help?). Montana clergy have seen it, though, and penned a letter to the Montana media:

“On behalf of thousands of Montanans of faith, we find your stand against refugee families surprising and discomforting,” the letter, which was released Thursday, states in its opening sentence.

“Instead of inviting a conversation about the truths of war, you turned war into a political attack in order to score points in an election,” the letter states. “When almost every major paper in the state editorialized against the mailer you released with similar imagery, you continued to stand on the backs of some of the most vulnerable people in the world a few weeks later when you released this TV ad with the same sentiment.”

Here’s a Great Falls Tribune story and here’s more from the Missoulian. In fact, Gianforte got a little testy when the Missoulian editorial board asked for details on his plan to keep refugees out:

“I’m not playing this game with you,” he told a reporter and members of the Missoulian editorial board on Thursday, pounding the table in response to persistent questioning about the details of his position. “I’ve been very clear. Montanans’ safety is at risk and I will protect it and my opponent will not.”

Also spreading the hate 

In Missoula on Tuesday, Oct. 11, at the DoubleTree, ACT! for America is holding a public, anti-refugee event. It’s the Lake County chapter of ACT! that’s sponsoring the event.

I’ll bet the Native American community up there is thrilled to have an ACT! chapter in its midst.

The Southern Poverty Law Center says ACT! “has grown into far and away the largest grassroots anti-Muslim group in America.”

You can catch the Lake County ACT!ors sowing their Islamophobia starting at 6:30 p.m. The Doubletree is located on the north end of the Madison St. Bridge. You can’t miss it. Look for the folks outside with the anti-hate signs.

I wish I could trust the polls

Congressional candidate Denise Juneau released a poll showing her closing the gap with incumbent Ryan Zinke. She’s within three points, 42-45, with a 4.9 percent margin of error. The Libertarian candidate drew three percent and nine percent were undecided. Flathead Memo does some analytics.

Harstad Strategic Research, which tends to work for the left side of the aisle, conducted the polling.

I’m hoping it’s accurate but having recently looked at Real Clear Politics, a site that does aggregate national polling, I’m just not sure. The presidential spread is around eight points: Clinton up by six in one poll, Trump up by two in another (although one has to wonder which all-white, angry Orange County suburb the L.A. Times/USC pollsters are calling).

Update: Zinke released his own poll which has him up by 11 points. Moore Information, which works the right side of the aisle, conducted the poll. Flathead Memo, again, has more info.

So there you have it.



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FYI – When or what legislature would likely eliminate the federal tax credits and subsidies for solar and wind power production and leave us with abandoned wind mills throughout our state. Also, what about the landowners no longer getting money for surface right leases on their land where these now defunct dinosaurs would sit. Renewable energy subsidies totaled $16 billion dollars last year. But others say it’s time to let this subsidy die, for it’s skewing electricity markets, hurting other power producers and not delivering on its promise of jobs. On rare occasions this year, during “off-peak” hours of low… Read more »

Bob Williams
Bob Williams

Back to the basics! New science agrees with common sense observations.


An effective way to clean up your information cache.

This article is a wonderful time saver! It will help you to filter out junk from ongoing mediated views.

Great article to read, understand and share!


Pete, most people who aren’t a member of ACT probably wouldn’t be thrilled that they have a chapter up here on the rez, but most people don’t know about ACT. But ACT is nothing new up here — same folks different hat. There’s been racists on the rez ever since the federal government opened the land to nonmember homesteading. And when I moved up her 26 years ago, we had ACE (All Citizens Equal) fomenting dissension. They’ve been fighting tribal sovereignty and tribal projects for almost 50 years. Much bigger story than a few anti-islam wingnuts from up here holding… Read more »

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