Senator Webb Wants Taxpayers to Pay for His ALEC Dues


In the kind of tone-deaf move you’d expect from someone who’d shoot a black lab, Senator Roger Webb urged passage of an amendment to the budget today that would pay for the ALEC dues of Montana legislators. While the Senate Finance Committee resisted the amendment, it’s almost unbelievable that Webb, during a week when funding for schools and prisons has been threatened, would ask the people of Montana to pay for his membership in a corporate front group.

That the request came from Senator Webb should hardly surprise anyone, given that he’s sponsoring ALEC legislation during this session—and then lying about it. He’s also the state chair from Montana for the organization. Webb is such a hack for the organization that he’s written paeans to the Billings Gazette extoling the virtues of the organization. He even cheerfully starred in the Montana PBS reporting about ALEC.

That legislators pay “dues” to ALEC is just window-dressing anyway, as 98% of the organization’s revenue comes for corporate donors.

If Senator Webb wants to continue to represent the people of ALEC rather than the people of Billings, that’s his business—and the business of the voters in his district. He certainly shouldn’t be asking the taxpayers to pay for it.

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  • Webb, what a putz, and this is NO April Fools joke, but Webb is – AND the folks in Billings who
    elect this BUFFOON! Between this guy and Fred Thomas – our ‘De-Reg’ wunderkind with ‘Rat’ Raciot and Butte Dems who helped obliterate Montana Power Company and destroyed thousands of families, pensions and set back our state in so many ways.

  • Oops, we can also ‘thank’ ALEC for it’s hand in the ‘De-Reg’ debacle, with links to Enron, Raciot, Bush and others in that horrible play, and time for ALEC to die.

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