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His Former Commander Exposes Ryan Zinke’s Navy SEAL Career and Defective “Moral Make-up”


There have long been rumors about Senator Ryan Zinke’s tendency to both exaggerate his role as a Navy SEAL and to underplay the serious ethical violations that derailed his career, but given the privacy afforded those records, it’s always been difficult to detail the truth about Zinke’s career in the military.

Captain Larry Bailey, who commanded Zinke while he was in his SEAL class, recently wrote a letter detailing some of the problems with Zinke’s military career. What Bailey argues is what many of us who have watched Zinke’s career have also seen: “he is willing to do whatever it takes to reach the next level.”

In short, Bailey argues that Zinke misused Navy funds for personal travel and has inflated the importance of his role in Navy SEAL Team Six. Bailey writes, “He was never a commanding officer and was bypassed for possible consideration for promotion to captain as the result of his travel transgressions.”

No one here has questioned the value of Senator Zinke’s service to his nation in the military, but his tendency to inflate his own role and promote himself at the expense of the truth and even basic decency, has been the defining element of his political career.

Captain Bailey’s letter follows:

It is most unpleasant to write these words, as I have long considered myself a friend of Ryan Zinke.  In fact, he was in the first Basic UDT/SEAL (BUD/S) class to graduate under my command in 1985.  I remember him well and thought that he would have a stellar career.

He did have such a career until he showed a defect in his moral make-up, and the Left is already well aware of what he did, although perhaps not in so much detail as I go into.  They will, however, before the general election, so I have decided to anticipate them by providing this statement.

This information was provided to me by sources personally known to me and to those who were directly involved in the actions involving Ryan.

What did he do?  Simple—he used Navy (taxpayer) travel funds to make multiple trips from Norfolk, VA, to his home in MT, ostensibly to scout out training sites for his squadron.  The truth was that he went to work on some family property and, apparently, on one occasion, took two or three other Navy SEALs with him.

These trips not only involved airfare, but they also involved per diem and personal use of Navy time.  To his credit, Ryan, when confronted with his transgressions, admitted his culpability and paid back the funds he had expended.

Ryan’s moral failings, in my opinion, do not end with his being separated from his SEAL team over the travel scandal.  His political career has some questionable acts associated with it, to include his creation (with some heavy-hitting New York and Boston lawyers and PR people) of Special Operations for America (SOFA), a Political Action Committee, back in early 2012.  At that time, I sought out Ryan to work with me in establishing an umbrella organization of Special Operations Forces from all the services.

After looking carefully at the situation in which he was involved, I just didn’t feel comfortable getting hooked up with what was clearly going to be a high-donor operation and possibly geared to Ryan’s future political benefit.  That has turned out to be the case, as evinced by the fact that, almost immediately after Ryan declared his candidacy for the US House, he resigned as SOFA’s chairman and was given a grant from the very Political Action Committee he established.  That, to me, is not “conflict of interest;” it is “coincidence of interest.”

The account of what I have read about SOFA having its headquarters in property owned by the Zinke family that is across the street from the Zinke family home, further validates the “coincidence of interest” hypothesis.

As a retired Navy SEAL officer, I also take exception to the looseness with which Ryan described his Navy career.  Depending on which bio one reads, he was “a” or “the” commander in a certain high-capability Navy SEAL Team.  He was never a commanding officer and was bypassed for possible consideration for promotion to captain as the result of his travel transgressions.

He also has stated that former Cong. Allen West has endorsed his candidacy.  I spoke with Colonel West personally and learned that, while he spoke kind words about Ryan, he did not endorse him.  Subsequent to my conversation with him, Colonel West has made clear that that was not the case and will not be the case during the primary.

Having seen a heavily redacted copy of Ryan’s DD-214, which is a summary of his military career, I noted that, unlike his claim to have received two Bronze Stars for combat, he actually received them for meritorious service.  Neither had the Combat “V” for Valor, which would have been the case had he earned the awards for combat.

The statement by a retired Navy SEAL Master Chief sums up the essence of Ryan’s character.  The man told me personally that Ryan is PNG (persona non grata) at his old SEAL team, primarily for the misleading statements he has made about his rank and importance at that “special” team.  That is a sad commentary on a man who had all the potential in the world and has, instead of coming clean about himself and his mistakes, tries to re-write his personal history in order to achieve political office.

I am certain that Ryan would have acquitted himself well if he had led his men in actual combat instead of being a theater manager of the combat units assigned to him.

I am sure that Ryan will do his best to rebut these serious allegations.  He can prove me wrong by making his unredacted DD-214 available for public examination.  I would like nothing better than to have been shown that I was wrong, but that won’t happen.

Why do I, a transplanted Texan living in NC, want to rupture more than one friendship over Ryan Zinke’s candidacy for the US House of Representatives?  Simple—Ryan’s ambitions will not stop here.  He has shown by his dissimulation of facts regarding his career that he is willing to do whatever it takes to reach the next level—in his case, the US Senate.  I cannot abide that prospect, because THEN he is representing ME and every citizen of this land as a member of one of the world’s most prestigious deliberative bodies.

Larry Bailey


Chocowinity, NC


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Don Pogreba is an eighteen-year teacher of English, former debate coach, and loyal, if often sad, fan of the San Diego Padres and Portland Timbers. He spends far too many hours of his life working at school and on his small business, Big Sky Debate.

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  • Something ain’t right here. In politics there is always a gap between real and declared aims, and insincerity and deceit are always at the center of it. The demeanor of this letter, it’s high and holy tone in describing what appears to be a minor indiscretion, strikes me as contrived piety. Navy Seals are not altar boys, and wearing a uniform does not make a person noble or smart or honest. They are just soldiers, low information patriots.
    It strikes me as a hit job. That’s business as usual in both parties. Democrats are as deceitful as their opponents, and all is fair in this game. But the hypocrisy is unsettling.

    • Wow… “Low information patriots.” As if civilians are more informed? Tell me, have you ever been overseas? If not, what makes you think you know more about what goes on over seas than those who have?

      • You no nothing of what you speak! This guy (Bailey) is so far from being a Democrat, quite frankly he’s opposite. The letter writer was in the same service as Zinke, and is speaking with TRUE FACTS! I’m not sure of his motives but, he is not exaggerating. You probably think that the guy (Zinke) is great, that’s why you are not excepting the Truth? I have been witness to the complainant against the Senator & Zinke LIED!

    • Misusing travel funds is not a minor indiscretion. It’s a significant matter, and apparently occurred several times.

      • Yeah you are Correct! ZINKE is a Hypocrite! He’s responsible for delivering punishment for his subordinates on exaggerated rumors. I’m personally ashamed of the military for not throwing the book at Zinke. Officers are not treated with the same scrutiny as enlisted. The Truth always comes out in the end. I’m not sure when it will come but, one can hope it’s soon!

  • Uh huh.  Just as I suspected.  But wait, isn’t lying about one’s military record a very serious offense?  Stolen honor or some such?  Did zinke REALLY think that no one would find out?  Not real bright.  Not real bright. I knew when he picked that bald headed dude to run with, sumthin’ was REAL wrong with the guy.  Too much football without a helmet is my medical diagnosis.  Frat boy mentality.  He’s stuck in college football years!  The best of his life!

  • The Zinke campaign is unraveling and just in time for the General Election… If Zinke wins the GOP Primary, which I’m not sure we will, he will enter the General beat up and exposed.

  • Again, clue us in on the whole of your running inner dialogue, as the snippets are intriguing but make no sense.

  • As we’ve known from day one, Zinke will do or say anything to get his way.  If this guys gets any power our state is f*cked.  Stinky….

  • Captain Larry Bailey: a man obsessed with Benghazi, whose organization ‘Special Operations Speaks’ unequivocally endorsed Romney and who once wrote, ” We are in a war with Barack Obama and his minions to change the direction of our country. We absolutely MUST remove that anti-American machine from power.”
    I think if this guy had an opinion on anything else, we would dismiss it out of hand. Based on the background evidence and the behavior of his peers, Bailey is one of those individuals out there who think Zinke isn’t Conservative Enough.
    If in two months the democratic candidate Walsh was found to be exaggerating about his past would you then change your vote if he were up against Zinke? I doubt it. This IS a hit piece. And a dogmatic one at that.

    • Correct. Irony: The obtuse that jump all over this article without research. Stupidity in it’s worst form; then commenting on this article taking what was posted as truth.

    • namelessrange, Wrong, you are correct about Bailey and his ties with that group. But of what he said about Zinke, ALL TRUE! You can invent Baileys motives but the charges and character of Zinke is all True. There is much more than that about Zinke, hopefully it will be submitted by someone else Soon.

  • Larry Bailey had a stellar career in the Navy and his opinions carry a lot of weight in the special warfare community.  Zinke knew when he committed the travel voucher fraud that it was wrong and the only reason he made restitution is because he got caught. It cost him a promotion to Captain and it should prevent him from being elected to congress.

  • “Special warfare” … Our own private terrorists discussing moral behavior, putting down someone for stealing from the petty cash box while they are setting bombs off in department stores.
    Love this country, I do.

  • Oops. Forgot I am supposed to stand and salute when I hear “Green Beret” and “Navy Seal” as if I did not know their real job.

    • You pay Taxes? If so it’s much bigger than petty cash! No one is above the LAW. It’s not okay with just a slap on the wrist and paying the money back! I’m aware of the Money owed as close to $63,000, not petty at the least!

  • MarkTokarski It sure is frustrating to visit my favorite Montana blogs only to endure another sermon from you.

  • larry_kurtz MarkTokarski Too funny, Kurtz. What you are saying is you like to visit blogs that confirm your biases. Democratic blogs go easy on Democrats. Democrats are the problem, the enemy sleeping in our camp. Ergo, I should stay away as I interfere with your confirmation bias behaviors.

  • Toke: we are at war with a culture of Republican hatred, corruption and bigotry. You are at war with yourself.

  • larry_kurtz You are just another battlefield victim, not knowing who your real enemy is.

  • larry_kurtz Spent the last half hour on a treadmill trying to understand the mind of the Democrat, Kurtz. Our intellectual capabilities don’t vary that much, though a life of incuriosity can yield a stupid human.

    More what I see is a combination of submission to authority figures, your party leadership, coupled with extreme gullibility. I am looking for a single word to encompass the entire phenomenon, and am stuck at gullimissive. I’ll accept entries for a better word.

  • My kid tried to warn you guys about Zinke. Michael told you what a mess he was and got nowhere. Except in Arguments with dumb Coloradans who think they still live in this state, and have no Idea what they are talking about

  • I know what I am talking about. I have no respect for stupid people, and stupid people in uniforms who imagine they are heroes as they go about murdering innocent people are no better than any other stupid people on this planet.
    Last I checked you morons offed something like 1.2 million Iraqis, made another two million into refugees, devastated their country, terrorized them, tortured them, and you have no clue why and think you did something heroic. You’re terrorists. And stupid.
    Don’t mess with me, jack. I know stuff you don’t.

  • You spend far too much time worrying about people who do not have real power. Most politicians are just actors, easily replaced, low-quality humans willing to live a lie to be comfortable. They are interchangeable. Some pretend to be Democrat, others Republicans, but that’s all part of the act to keep,you distracted. You need to follow the money to learn what is up and who is doing what. You never do that. Instead you get all excited about voting for or against this or that clown. If voting mattered, it would be illegal.
    And in those situations where voting does make a difference, where a good person is running, the election itself can easily be stolen due to our vote-counting system, which is corrupt too. If you are looking for ways to be ineffective and trivial, you have succeeded.

  • larry_kurtz Can you bring substance to the table, or just illogical one-liners that mask your deep distress and confusion?

  • Distressed maybe, confused, hardly. 

    In order to control the courts, especially the federal bench, Democrats must control the confirmation process and the governorships: Zinke and his party need to occupy the dustbin of history.

  • So, In2it, according to your assessment we should be voting for Mr. Zinke to represent Montana in Congress because he is not noble, not honest, and not smart, Your highest recommendation for him is that he is a low information patriot.

    Certainly, I hope that recommendation is taken for what its worth and Mr. Zinke slips away into the darkness where he appears comfortable.

    Old Line Democrat

  • larry_kurtz The judiciary is no more independent than the politicians themselves. The US is now an oligarchy, and no one is allowed to be independent in that situation. 

    Example: Do you not think that Obama and congressional leaders knew in advance that the Medicaid expansion would be tossed out and the private mandate preserved by the Final Nine? Do you think that  people who have taken the trouble to threaten and bribe every elected official are going to let appointed ones go free? Judges are co-opted too, and even if not, I do not see how you can trust Democrats to appoint better judges than Republicans when they are backed by the same private powers.

  • larry_kurtz Drew Barrymore (she’s so damned smart!) thinks it”s really important that everybody votes. So be sure you do. It matters. Trust me. Don’t trouble your pretty little head, just vote, hun.

  • There is more to this story than meets the eye, that’s for sure. The minor discursion was corrected. But it should have never happened in the first place. The Navy in recent times has become really sensitive to it’s Image, and Moral Standards. There is nothing wrong with that, but it can become a little over baring at times. The Marines are pretty sensitive when it comes to their Image as well. But I do think the Marines have lost a lot of their Spit Polish Image in the past decade or so. But Obama has had a lot to do with that as well, being the Mongrel Mutt that he is.

  • If Moses was being considered for House Speaker, he would be nixed for striking the rock twice with his staff by the elders of the institution. Let God handle Zinke’s indiscretions, we need somebody to out maneuver Pharaohs army.

  • You know, all you guys trying to one up each other with your intellectual rhetoric ( with a dictionary handy , of course.), do any of you have any combat experience? Do any of you know a SEAL personally? Did u spend more then one day in combat and know not on base cooking( no offense the my cooks, you boys are the shut). The guy did make mistakes and he paid his due, you don’t know what that lifestyle is, what has to be done to keep sane. You sit here and trash the guy, go do that in his face like a man would. Although the captain has a pristine record, there seems to be a conflict of interest or maybe a bit of jealousy here, it’s seems very much like a political hit job to me. If you ain’t been there then shut the fuck up! Also if you are so interested in his DD-214, you can order a clean one, not redacted, through a FOIA so I don’t understand why the captain didn’t do it. I have some interesting situations I was involved in and I can’t redacted it from my DD, it was al legal, it was all what I was ordered to do and I don’t regret my time or service, so quit trying to out-bitch each other and order the FOIA and see who’s telling the truth! There is no secret SEAL, there is some info that is classified and won’t go on my or any other guys DD if it’s ordered highly sensitive info. I think all you wanna be Ivy League educated fucks should get a life, I did 21 years and I will tell , we are humans and make mistakes, shit I got busted down once but see my job and my precise execution of said job kept me from ruining my career( I got the rank back 6 months later) so go do some research and drop the dictionaries, you guys ain’t impressing anyone!

    • I think I read that he isn’t a Captain, you can correct me if I’m wrong, and I’m not an Ivy leaguer.

    • Duh
      Do you think Zinke has any combat experience except stealing Navy money to travel to Montana to check up on his rentals??

  • It is no longer shocking how obtuse posters are. With no ability to research information written above, absolutely stupid enough to believe and list it as fact. Let’s start from the top to correct the misleading information: Cpt. Larry Baily was a SEAL drill instructor (not a Lt. Commander as misled in the paragraph, not a SEAL Team Commander). And I can find no record of this letter, please post a link of documented information, thank you. “He was never a commanding officer and was bypassed for possible consideration for promotion to captain as the result of his travel transgressions.”, incorrect. Zinke was promoted in June of 1995 Zinke was appointed Lt. Commander and commanded in (must understand his rank) operations (1996-1999 Bosnia operation) of Seal Team ONE. On June of 2001 Zinke was promoted to Commander was selected as a member of SEAL Team SIX, where he was a Team Leader, Ground Force Commander, Task Force Commander, and Operations Officer in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, and Kosovo. In 2004, Cdr Ryan Zinke was assigned as Deputy and Commander (acting), Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force-Arabian Peninsula in support of Iraqi Freedom where he led a force of 3500 Special Operations personnel in Iraq in the conduct of 360 combat patrols, 48 Direct Action Missions, and hundreds of sensitive operations (classified in his Service Records). In 2006, Cdr Zinke’s final duty assignment in the Navy was to establish the Naval Special Warfare Advanced Training Command, where he served as “Dean” of the Naval Special Warfare Graduate School with a staff of over 250 educators, which provided over 43 college level courses to over 2500 students annually at 15 different locations world-wide. I am sure the sheep did not research SOFA. “coincidence of interest”, Zinke’s donating their property for SOFA is not “coincidence of interest” it was support of the SOFA who had the Constitutional Attorneys in SOFA (in my opinion as a Montanan-American as another division of Americans). Paragraph 9 of the letter is already invalidated with the Service Records posted above. Allen West DID endorse ZInke, it documented in the Allen West Guardian Fund PAC, July 31st 2014. The above article is lies that the obtuse/stupid followed and reported as fact. Disgusting. However, Zinke is now part of the D.C. Plutocracy and no longer a representative of Montanan-Americans or Americans at any rate. And the ‘author’ of this fabrication, Don Pogreba, is not even a Montanan…. Obtuse, sick, stupid people…

    • I was born in Conrad, and have lived in Montana since 1972. Does that make me not a Montanan? Fascinating.

      You completely lost me in the rambling incoherence about Special Operations for America, but I’d be pretty careful about throwing around words like “obtuse” when you are apparently willing to accept Congressman Zinke’s absurd claim that he wasn’t coordinating with SOFA.

      As for the attacks on Bailey, who is admittedly a nut, it seems you’re struggling to disprove his central claim, that Zinke wasn’t promoted to captain, which he wasn’t.

      • Let’s us touch on the (what you call, ‘central claim’ the actual central claim was he wasn’t commander, mentioned more than once in your article) Bailey’s lie of Zinke not being promoted to Captain because he was fired. All the information you need on this lie would be in the Fitness reports released upon his discharge 2008. He never met the physical requirements of SEAL to take command Captain: Zinke received an honorable discharge and retired as a Navy commander on Feb. 1, 2008. 2008, the Department of Veterans Affairs evaluated Zinke and rated him 80 percent disabled. (Zinke:) “I was surprised it was that high because I can still run,” he said. “I can swim. It hurts. There are a lot of internal problems that I have. I guess if I would have stayed longer I would have made 100 percent.” I know full well you will not be able to put this information together to form fact, that is why you are obtuse. At any rate, the information is there for smart Americans to analyze and conclude.

      • I missed this: it seems you’re struggling to disprove his central claim, that Zinke wasn’t promoted to captain, which he wasn’t. The answer is posted below, but let us touch on this a bit more. First off, I will need the documented information, or article, that Zinke claimed he was not coordinated with SOFA, I cannot find this statement. It is ironic he was a chairman in SOFA, and this claim you said Bailey spoke. You do know Bailey split off of SOFA and started his own organization, correct? May want to research that…

    • Robby, Crazy Crazy you are! You are incorrect on all your accounts! Where did you get the stuff you posted! All bullshit! Believe what you want but STOP THE LIES! ZINKE is Guilty of Falsifying Travel Claims! He Admitted to it and Payed some of it back. Not all though. He’s a great at exaggerating his career. He’s a dirty Snake in the Grass! PLAIN AND SIMPLE

  • Yes, you are not Montanan. You cannot be a liberal and be an American. You are enemies of Americans, that includes Montanan-Americans. Obtuse to think you can integrate yourself into an American State and not customs. My family homesteaded in Montana in 1931, our brand is 83 years old.
    Of course I lost you, you’re mentally ill: liberalism. Once facts and information are revealed, your natural reaction is to shut down mentally. It is adequate when facts, information, details and the truth is posted, you would be confused with the mentality of lies they discern.
    “He was never a commanding officer and was bypassed for possible consideration for promotion to captain as the result of his travel transgressions.” I posted the information on Zinke becoming a Commander (the records are very easy to research, it is documented), you where unable, ‘lost’, in reading. That is typical, as I said. So again, as mentioned, Bailey assumed Zinke was bypassed because of travel transgressions. Is there documentation to go with this assumption? Please post this information for research, as I mentioned ‘opinion’ does not make it fact… Oh, yes, in a liberals mind all they need is opinion to base a story off of…. I have disproved all that you have written, and what Bailey has written with documented facts (which seem to allude you). I would be happy to post the links to the information I have obtained if you would like to correct your mistake.

    • Robby, you know what’s unAmerican? Nitwit conservatives who, unable to make an actual argument, rely on specious claims of mental illness and insufficient patriotism rather than making an argument. I know it’s the height of Fox News sophistication to use those instead of arguments, but outside the bubble of conservative “thinking,” they don’t have much credence.

      As for Zinke’s records, ask him. He never released his complete military records, something he has the ability to do. He could clear up the entire travel issue and put it to rest himself, but for some reason, he has never released the complete, unredacted file.

      You keep using the word facts. I’m not sure it means what you think it does.

      Oh, and my family only beat you to Montana by 50 odd years, you deluded troll.

      • Ironic, I do not watch Fox news, that eliminates your assumption, again. That is what liberals do, in there mind, force ideas that are not true. You have been proved wrong, your lies exposed. You cannot produce ANY documentation. Keep trying. It is typical of a liberal to result to name calling. It’s your satanic oppression. You have now been exposed to truth, now your demon responds. It cannot defeat truth, in return, it shuts your human mental capabilities down. Even if you tried, you cannot, nor will not. research or search for truth. A troll is someone who just talks with opinion. What angers you is I posted information, which you cannot deny nor disprove. Now your article is proven to be lies which you cannot combat. At least try. You will not do the moral or ethical approach and fix the false article. It’s o.k. to be embarrassed. Anyone who reads this blog with any intelligence, ability to research, or factual information will see the lies. This is part of the liberal euphoric dream world, not reality. That is why it is a mental illness, a sickness. So, I will see again if you can produce any facts or information to your writings. Every statement or question you have asked, I have answered. You have backed nothing up, THAT is specious claims.

      • Missed this also: As for Zinke’s records, ask him. He never released his complete military records, something he has the ability to do. He could clear up the entire travel issue and put it to rest himself, but for some reason, he has never released the complete, unredacted file.
        Did you ‘ask’ him personally Don and he refused you? And that statement is also incorrect. More information you copied from another article that you did not research in your journalistic inability. Zinke released all the records he had available (that he received at discharge). To appease Democrats (because for some reason we wanted all records on Zinke, but none on Obama????) Zinke requested all Physical reports (papers), received them, and released them (I was searching for information missing also, so I read the military records). The only records we did not receive was classified or withheld by the military reasons (which I cannot speculate on the military’s reason). I am not trying to make you look stupid, you do that on your own completely.

        • Your assertion is flatly untrue. And I did request his records from his campaign. I did not receive a response.

          Do you really imagine calling people stupid actually makes your arguments, such as they are, more credible?

    • Fifth generation Montanan here. My grandfather used to be a union man with the railroad and I come from a long line of diehard liberals. So enough with that Liberals can’t be Montanans crap. Have you read the state constitution? It is a hotbed of liberalism.

  • zinke was at dam neck from 96-99 not seal team one. robby probably believes zinke’s bronze stars were for combat.

    • Incorrect. He was commissioned 1995 and moved to SEAL Team ONE. It is in his released military records, rather simple to look up the 10+ links to this information. And again, liberals assume: robby probably believes zinke’s bronze stars were for combat. With the information (documented) I posted above, if you had had ANY type of intelligence ed macgrew, you would know I studied this of course. Would you like to know the awards, dates, and issue of all the salad? I can give them to you to educate yourself. Zinke stated: “meritorious achievement in connection with combat operations.” I can read information, without assumption, liberals should attempt this.

          • read zinke’s website, he claims his bronze stars were for combat. so far the only incorrect statement has been from you.

            • As I mentioned before: “meritorious achievement in connection with combat operations.”, this was a statement by Zinke. Did you not understand this? Do I need to explain it? I thought you had realized (obviously you cannot research information) Zinke was awarded the Bronze Star as a unit citation rewarded for a competed mission (that he was a desk jockey and didn’t do the grunt work) I, as you, was incorrect, is was a combat Bronze Star. More research has revealed an interview (Thursday, 07 August 2014 11:59) which was recorded information by Zinke: Zinke was asked if he was on the radio directing the operation or actually leading in combat eye-to-eye with his men. Zinke said, “Eye to eye. I gave orders face to face.” And explained: “Yes, the Fitness Report that you have a copy of talks about deploying to Fallujah and yes I did personally go on patrols. Yes, I did personally determine which group went where and why. That is part of being Acting Commander and Deputy Commander of Special Forces. I was briefed every day, directed missions and when necessary went on patrols.”
              The information, ONCE AGAIN, from the lying letter written by Bailey you took as fact is further more disproved when Bailey was asked in an interview about his claims on Zinke’s Bronze Stars. Bailey’s reply: “I just read between the lines. There was not a ‘V’ for valor so I assumed it was just for meritorious service.” It now adds to your ignorance in taking a letter Bailey ignorantly wrote, what would Bailey know about SEAL combat. He never fought. He never was in combat with SEAL Team ONE or SIX. And Bailey was never a Navy SEAL Commander. Any more idiot false information you would like to clear up? Since you do not know how to read or research, do you want links to verify? (Although it would do you no good.)

              • IF Bailey was never a Commander, how did he retire as a Captain? Never saw combat? Was he overseeing messcall when he was in Vietnam?

  • Robby must work for Zinke. Apparently he had to hire a troll to try and discredit Dons great reporting on a piece of patriotic trash?

    Robbie also seems willing to rewrite Zinke history into a better image than Zinke lived it? Go Figure!

    • There it is again. How many times have I mentioned obtuse assumption by liberals. What they want to ‘think’ (I use this term lightly) in their ‘brain’ (use this one lightly also). And again, name calling, very unintelligent, defense mechanism for the mentally, immature less fortunate. If I were as dumb as most of you liberals, I would not bother researching information either. But I will answer your statement, ignorant assumption more likely: Robby must work for Zinke. Apparently he had to hire a troll to try and discredit Dons great reporting on a piece of patriotic trash? I am a nemesis of Zinke’s. I have written him several letters, e-mailed him scorning him, and questioned him on everything on all of his websites. I am his worst critic and know he is only a D.C. Plutocratic politician. If you could read ‘Veteran’ you would have seen that in this blog… apparently reading, research…. thinking is not what liberals do.

    • On another note, and I can see this is hard for you to mentally put this together, how would you suppose I know so much about Zinke? I researched everything about him. Had friends in the military that served under him. And studied all about Zinke. One does this to gain knowledge of a nemesis. He is a politician. He will do damage to my State (or could do). One must know about the evil in D.C, they are destroying my Country. Attempt, if possible (doubt it), to think about this.

      • I’m certainly not inclined to engage with someone who conflates insult with argument, but I will say this. You keep asserting that you are presenting “facts” in contrast with Mr. Bailey, but you offer no evidence to support your claims–and he had the courage to put his name to his accusations. Until you do the same, what possible credibility can you have?

        This macho blustering about liberals is just sad, too. Just stop. You’re embarrassing yourself.

        • That is ironic, you are truly stupid. I is not a name-calling, it is the definition, the inability to learn. Don Pogrga: Nitwit conservatives. No problem, need the information on the commentary, I already offered to post the link, here it is: . And posted the information, fact, and dates, something you unable to do, post ANY links or factual accounts, ironic, I asked you for them, you have essentially refused, because everything you have copied is a lie. What other information do you need? Did you even research any I posted? That is exactly as I thought. You have no rebuttal, because you have an inability to research… That by definition, is stupid. Of course you cannot engage with me, that is obvious. Your name calling and copying everything I say. You are like sheep, what your told is only what your brain can hold, now more than that. As all your other cronies can see, you are now proven a liar. No rebuttals, that is because I have proven your copied lies wrong. Foolish little man, you are proving the liberal disease further. You have not answered on single question I have asked, and you will not either, typical…

            • why on earth would anyone want to ‘research’ anything robby has posted? he’s flat out wrong about so many things i’m starting to believe he’s just playing a game.

            • As said, you have the inability to research, why try to understand the facts and information when a lie will do. If you could possibly, you would be smart. To bad for you sub-humans, it would be a different World if we didn’t have the low brain functioning population ruining it. To easy really, when opponents are to lazy or stupid to even prove what they have spoken or typed, it is an easy defeat….

  • Every time he opens his mouth, he mentions he used to be in a SEAL. We know, Ryan, we know. Now shut up and do something. When he comes into the newspaper where I work, we count the number of times he mentions it and place bets. And laugh. And laugh. And laugh.

    • Long Binh? Yep. Binh there, done that!…….almost. How bout you, dude? Did you serve, or just play the video game???? Slinky the Barking Seal is a dufus. Is he a friend of yours???

  • That Robby is one sick puppy! Don’t engage him. Zinke is a liar and stole from the taxpayers! Thank you for your reporting, finally someone who sacrifices all to be honest!

  • I don’t think the guy’s any brighter than Tom Cotton, either, but you could at least geget his damn title right. He is our US representative, not a senator.

    • Zinke was a state senator in 2013 when this post was written. This was before he was elected to the U.S. House, ergo the title, Jon.

  • I live in the small town of Whitefish, MT. I went to our High School with Ryan. Yep, he is the type of fellow that would do just about anything for his own benefit. So, he paid back the money that he wrongly used. (STOLL) Well big damn deal. If I had taken a similar action I would be in the state PRISON. Not a member of Congress. Ryan wanted to “Shake- UP’ Washington. Was never going to happen. Big money owns Zinke.

  • “No one here has questioned the value of Senator Zinke’s service to his nation in the military, but his tendency to inflate his own role and promote himself at the expense of the truth and even basic decency, has been the defining element of his political career.”

    Do your homework before you write an article. He is a Congressman, not a Senator. If you can’t bother to take the time to get something as simple as that correct, your story is most likely full of inaccuracies and untruths as well. This is 5 minutes of my life I will never get back, but at least I know the name of the amateur who wrote it and won’t waste my time in the future.

    • I know reading is complicated, but when the piece was written, Mr. Zinke was a state senator, and had not been elected to the House.
      I look forward to your apology. 🙂

  • Hey, Seal sailors have completed so called “Hell Week”, which is 5 days of intense exercise with sleep deprivation. So there!

  • Some one talks bad about the government and they all ganged up against him because thy are all liar’s.

  • As the recipient of two Bronze Star’s for Meritorious Service, I can relate to the Captain’s concerns regarding Mr. Zinke. Having served in forward and direct support capacities in both the 1st Infantry Division and the 1st Cavalry Division 1969-70, I felt that I had earned mine. When I found out that the award had been prostitued to the degree that it was rubber stamped for every junior officer in the Vietnam Area of Operations, regardless of assignment, I knew that my decision to separate from active duty rather than accept promotion to Captain was the correct one.

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