Markus Kaarma is right – and very, very wrong


The story of Markus Kaarma shooting 17-year old German national Diren Dede is international news , and neither Kaarma himself nor his online commenting ‘defenders’ are doing much for Montana’s reputation. Here at ID, we’ve discussed the Castle Doctrine several times, and as a result of my own experiences, I don’t agree completely with Don’s opposition to the law as written. However, it is clear that Markus Kaarma, even if we accept his statement that he was afraid there were armed criminals in his garage (which is not unreasonable), acted not to defend himself, his family, or his property, but instead in a manner that suggests his number one priority was shooting someone that night.

First, where Kaarma is correct. While it appears Diren Dede didn’t understand the fact, burglary and theft are inherently dangerous, and whatever the verdict, people, especially teenagers, need to understand they danger they put themselves in for a couple hundred bucks car hopping. Many people, including kids Diren’s age, do, an accordingly carry knives or other weapons when they go car or garage hopping. To the extent that Kaarma thought the person or people in his garage might be armed, he was apparently wrong but certainly not unreasonable.

However, the possibility that he was facing armed people in his garage makes Markus Kaarma’s subsequent actions eve more unconscionable. First, he was not acting in the interest of his own safety – he left his own, presumably locked or lockable house. He then proceeded to silhouette himself outside a dark garage. He not only ensured that the incident would end in violence, he also put himself at an extreme disadvantage if the intruders were armed, as he couldn’t see what he was firing but they, had they been armed with guns, would have been able to see and shoot him quite clearly.

Moreover, Kaarma was not protecting his child or his partner. He went from a location from which he could both monitor the situation (via the cameras and baby monitor he had installed) and protect his partner and baby, to a position where he could do none of those things. If the people in his house had been armed, he could not have defended his family from outside the garage. If the door between the house and the connected garage was untrustworthy to the extent that burglars in his garage made him fear for the safety of his family in his house, he should not have left his family alone in the same structure as potentially armed intruders. Kaarma’s actions were thus not those of a man fearing for his family’s safety – either he didn’t perceive intruders in his garage as a threat to his family in the house, or he did but chose to prioritize shooting a couple of thieves over staying in the house and defending his family.

Finally, Kaarma didn’t even effectively defend his property. Leaving a garage door open 5+ feet for ‘ventilation’ when you’ve been burglarized twice before would suggest that either he was luring burglars in or the burglaries didn’t fill him with enough fear to close the door a couple more feet – either way not good for his case. Moreover, what on earth was in that purse that was so valuable it was worth filling your garage with flying buckshot? A man who fires randomly into his own garage is a man willing to wanton destruction to his own property as long as he gets a chance to shoot someone. He belongs in jail.

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  • Not sure I care what you think. Oh wait – let me rethink on that matter. I don’t.

    • @MarkTokarski Thanks for sharing, Mark. The whole ID community was waiting with baited breath to hear if you cared or not. And for the record, none of this is what I ‘think’, because I don’t write – its a series of facts, maybe an assertion there at the end. Of course, I wouldn’t expect much discrimination on the matter from someone whose writing is characterized by provably false declarative statements.

  • I look forward to the day when we can haul off a defendant shave his head and open his skull and find out his true thoughts and intentions.

    ” “A government powerful enough to pick and choose which thoughts to prosecute is a government too powerful.”-Robert Carry, Denver attorney.

  • @Big Swede It’s indeed quite the reverse, though, Swede.  Kaarma shot someone to death – that’s generally speaking illegal.  He’s trying to argue that his thoughts – those of fear for himself and his family- should exonerate him from his actions.  Based on actions alone, he hasn’t a leg to stand on – he shot an unarmed, non-threatening person.  He’s the one who is asking us to delve into his mind, because his mind is the only place Diren Dede was a threat to him.

  • MarkTokarski Thanks for your contribution, Mark.  Everyone here really appreciates it.  One little nit pick, though – this isn’t what I think.  It’s a collection of facts, topped off by an assertion.  But it’s clear you don’t know the difference – your signature writing style, after all, is the classic ‘series of provably false declarative statements’.

  • MatthewDownhour the guy told people he was going to kill someone. by setting up his garage to entrap and kill. he put it out there first and he din’t call the police until after the deed was done.

  • Folks, go easy on Big Weed.  He can’t help himself.  He was born that way.  You see, he loves guns.  Guns make him happy, and you might even say they make him gay, merry and gay!  He loves to fondle his guns until they shoot!  There’s a word for guys like Weed.  He’s ammosexual!  He can’t help it!  Thus, we need to be tolerant of his orientation.  Being ammosexual in today’s society can’t be fun.

  • Larry Kralj It amazes me that these idiots like to be photographed with their guns…then of course make the photos public on the Net?  If I was worried about the Government like these deadbeats are… Id be keeping a low profile, do these idiots not know that??????

  • Even of the emotionality of the case and the disgusting behavior of Kaarma, I like that you manage to write about it in an objective way, which is often not archieved in other medias

  • Big Weed, have you joined up yet?  Or  do they draft whackos on your side??
    Methinks that these inbreds playing militia are NOT gonna like jail as much as they think they will!

  • HC Straka 
    He wasn’t being objective at all. He took a position.
    A position that is not supported by the law. Kaarma had no duty to remain inside. Kaarma had no duty to do anything different. And leaving his home to confront the criminal is still protecting his loved ones. No, he was not objective at all.

  • @Lenfb HC Straka How do you figure?  He had the right to protect his family and his house.  He was doing neither of those things when he killed Diren Dede.  He may not have had a ‘duty’ to stay inside, but now he has the duty to prove he was defending his love ones, not murdering a kid out of vengeance for his weed getting stolen a week ago.  We can’t see into his mind, but all of his actions (leaving the door open, leaving his family unprotected, putting himself in a highly vulnerable position) indicate that he did not believe whoever was in his garage to present a serious threat.
    As to leaving his home – Kaarma can’t have it both ways.  Either the attached garage is ‘his home’, or it isn’t.  Either he abandoned his family with ‘a caged animal’ in his home, or he shot a teenage kid outside his home.  Neither makes a compelling case for self defense.

  • I am DISGUSTED by how many of you vile people insist on blaming the victim for the thugs actions! Thug would not have gotten shot if he had not broken into an innocent victim’s home in order to rob them!

    Put the blame where it belongs – on the thugs who CHOOSE to break the law. This man should not even be in court on this case!

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