Special Operations for Ryan Zinke Engages in Sleazy Campaigning


Special Operations for America, Ryan Zinke’s Astroturf Super PAC released an attack on Republican Corey Stapleton, claiming that he supports President Obama. The attack was a typically disingenuous position from a group entirely committed to electing its former Chairman, Ryan Zinke.

From their Facebook page:


There are a couple of little problems with that attack. The first is that is totally takes Stapleton’s quote out of context and distorts its meaning. Stapleton said:

One thing I respect about Barack Obama is how he and Michelle Obama set a good example with their family. As a congressman, I would genuinely support the President–and encourage him to spend political capital–to reduce the difficult fact that 72% of African American children are born to unwed mothers.

The broader problem is that this nakedly pro-Zinke attack is a repudiation of what Special Operations for American purports to stand for. It is promoting candidate with strong military records and conservative values. Corey Stapleton is not only a veteran who served in the U.S. Navy, but he’s far more conservative than Senator Zinke, who supports gun control, marijuana legalization, abortion rights, and ending the death penalty.

Special Operations for America is a fraud. It was developed to pay Ryan Zinke and now it’s purpose is to promote Ryan Zinke. Even Montana Republicans deserve better in their primary campaign for the U.S. House.

Shame on them for their brazen disregard for ethics and campaign laws. Shame on voters who fall for their sleazy tactics.

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  • By the way, Stapleton is an ANNAPOLIS grad, US Naval Academy, so Zinke’s attacking the Navy’s ‘core’ values whatever they are? US Navy by the way only had ‘colored’ sailors workin’ the galleys, laundries and such right up to and during WWII.

  • Zinke supports marijuana legalization? I must have missed something. His voting record doesn’t indicate such support.

  • Another example of Zinke’s voting and public statements not matching up. Back in the 2011 session he told a reporter he thought it should be legalized:

    In the case of medical marijuana, he says things have gone too far and that he will support repeal – but not an indefinite one. He wants Montanans who need the drug to have it, but he says law enforcement needs time to clean out the criminal element before new regulations take effect to control the drug’s use and distribution.
    “My mom died of cancer, and it was a terrible death,” Zinke says. “And if I had marijuana available to me, I know I would have given it to her. … But those people who are abusing the system, I would look for property elsewhere.”

  • “Stapleton has a lot more name recognition because he’s lost a couple of statewide races. ”

    Which races are those? I only recall the GOP Gubernatorial primary, which I recall Zinke losing as well.

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