An Introduction…. Of Sorts.


My name is Sheena Rice, and since you are now reading this, I am apparently a new contributor to Intelligent Discontent. Figured before I get to writing the things that made me want to join ID, I should probably introduce myself so that you have an idea of the girl behind the rants that will likely follow.

You may already know me (or of me) as I have been working in or close to political circles in Montana since 2004 and have been a “professional” community organizer in Montana since 2008. (I quote professional as my daily uniform tends to involve Chacos and I am currently eating a lunch of coffee and Red Vines..)

If you don’t know anything about me here are a couple of things you should know:

  1. I am a community organizer. However, my writings here are of my own accord and are not associated with the organization that I work for. My writing is completed during my own time (which will often be lunch or late in the evening). That being said, a lot of things I will likely write about are based in the same values of my work, not really all that controversial since one should share the values of their employer. I am including this disclaimer as I am choosing to write under my own name and I am not being compensated to write here. Everything here is just me.
  2. I consider myself a “blue collar progressive.” I grew up in Butte, America, in a low income AND a middle income family. Years ago when my parents split up, I witnessed first hand the challenges facing our poorest families as my mom struggled to raise three kids on a minimum wage. At the same time, I also had a “cushy” middle class life as my dad made a good living working at the plant in Colstrip. The same year my mom lost food stamps (for getting a 10 cent raise), I was the first kid in my 8th grade class to own her own computer. I lived in very different worlds, and my values are a direct result of my upbringing.
  3. I’m female. And I am in my 30s. Neither of these facts are necessarily earth shattering, but I hope that they will provide a different point of view in Montana’s progressive online community.

Sorry to bore all of you with this first post, but it seemed necessary before I jumped right in. I do plan to post on a weekly basis, and will focus my energy on economic justice and issues facing eastern Montana. And as I am a rookie angler, I promised Don fishing metaphors. You’ve been warned.


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About the author

Sheena Rice

A professional rabble rouser, Sheena is a Butte girl now calling Billings home. She loves Montana, music, politics, cheap beer and dinosaurs. She hates the big banks and pants. All of her posts are done on her own time and of her own accord and are not associated with the organization that she works for.


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    • Active in so much as needed. Not much lobbying to do when the session is over, however I am the registered lobbyist for 2013. But again, my writing is not associated with my job and is done in my free time. That being said, my lunch break is over, so I am signing out.

  • Give a man/woman/transgender a fish, feed them for a day.

    Teach the man/woman/transgender to fish, feed them forever.

  • ATTENTION all blog proprietors. You can never go wrong by bringing in authors bold enough to keep a Tyrannosaur on a chain!

    Sheena, I am so incredibly happy (giddy even) to see that you’ve landed here.

  • BIENVENIDO, chica! I happen to actually like Butte and all its residents. Good people, Butte people. I married one.

  • Always good to see a woman joining a relatively male-dominated field. And I’m sure Don is thrilled to have another voice at this site. Looking forward to your stuff and don’t let the trolls get you down.

  • Thank-you Sheena, your presence is truly needed there- I can’t wait to get to know you better here 🙂

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