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Representative Daines: For Citizens United, Against Montanans

Written by Don Pogreba

While Representatives Daines has shown that he’s not above begging for money for his campaign before he’s even decided whether or not he’s going to run for the Senate, he’s also demonstrated that he’s willing to take money from people committed to undermining the idea that American elections should be about individual say, not corporate say.

The Hill reports that Daines was one of twenty Congressional Republicans to receive money from the Citizens United Victory Fund:

The group, which typically supports conservative Tea Party candidates, gave the maximum contribution, $15,000, to both Quin Hillyer, running in Alabama’s 1st District special election, and Bob Barr, running in Georgia’s 11th District.

Rep. Steve Daines (Mont.) received $10,000 to support him in his 2014 primary and the general election.

Daines is fond of saying that he represents Montana values, but the fact that he’s taking money from Citizens United is proof that he has little interest in representing the values of middle class Montanans when they come in conflict with his corporate masters.

After all, just last November, 74.6% of Montanans voted to encourage their “congressional delegates to support efforts to overrule the Citizens United decision by amending the U.S. Constitution.” Taking money from the secretive group behind Citizens United is hardly a step in that direction.

Daines looks more like Denny Rehberg every day.

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