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This is Your Education System on TEA


Our neighbors to the south are offering us an instructive example about what happens when a state turns its education system over to the TEA Party: chaos, threats of impeachment, fears about knife violence, and insane struggles against demanding curriculum reform.

Oh, and along the way, the Republican legislature took away all of her real power and gave her a powerful role advising on concussion prevention.

Wyoming’s embattled TEA Party school chief, Cindy Hill, is both facing impeachment charges from members of her own party and running for the governor of Wyoming in 2014. In typical TEA Party fashion, she’s also been misusing state funds while in office:

The head of Wyoming’s schools is claiming that she’s being targeted for trying to block a federal academic standards program in the state’s school system.

Superintendent of Public Instruction Cindy Hill (R) is claiming that a report released last week by Gov. Matt Mead (R) accusing her of mismanaging federal funds and misusing the state plane is retaliation for her attempt to block the federal government’s education program.

It seems like a valuable lesson: when choosing someone to run public schools, perhaps it’s a bad idea to select someone who is ideologically opposed to their existence.

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