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Steve Daines Endorses Reactionary Republican Abortion Policy


ThinkProgress notes that Representative Daines was one of ten Republican members of Congress (9 men and Michelle Bachman) speaking at a press conference in support of a bill that would dramatically restrict abortion rights:

The lawmakers slated to speak today included nine House Republicans in addition to Franks — Republicans Chris Smith (NJ), Joe Pitts (PA), John Fleming (LA), Randy Weber (TX), Steve King (IA), Steve Daines (MT), Joe Wilson (SC), and Louie Gohmert (TX). Michele Bachmann (MN) was the only woman member of Congress listed for the event.

It shouldn’t be terribly surprising that Daines is aligning himself with some of the most reactionary members of the Republican caucus when it comes to abortion rights. When Missouri Republican Todd Aikin made his heinous remarks about abortion during the 2012 campaign, Daines let his campaign manager speak for him, making it clear that he doesn’t support a woman’s right to an abortion even in the case of rape.

The focus on the races for Senate and Governor in 2012 let Representative Daines largely hide his incredibly conservative views on the issues from Montana voters. There simply wasn’t enough media coverage of the race nor enough attention paid to his refusal to answer the most basic questions voters should have known before electing Daines.

Whether he decides to run for the Senate again or stick with a  campaign for the House, Montana voters would do well to dig a little deeper into the beliefs of the kind of Congressman who would align himself with the likes of Steve King and Joe Wilson, rather than women who’ve experience the trauma of sexual assault or who face very difficult, personal decisions about choosing to continue a pregnancy.

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