Social Media Passwords from Republican Legislators, Please


It appears that the Republicans in the Montana Legislature aren’t only opposed to the right ofBigBrotherBWTV privacy for women, but for those in the workforce as well.

They tabled SB195, which would have prohibited employers from requiring that employees and prospective employees hand over the online passwords as a condition of employment.

Republicans on the committee, despite a 49-1 vote in favor of the bill in the Senate, were apparently persuaded by the arguments of bankers and lawyers who want to be able to pry into personal Facebook accounts because they can’t manage their employees or understand how online communication works.

Representative Fitzpatrick made an especially egregious attack against privacy, suggesting that employers who hire people who work in “dangerous” jobs don’t have the right to privacy.

Given that the citizens of Montana are the employers of the fine legislators who voted against privacy, I think legislators should be required to turn over their login information for our review. Given the critical importance of the Legislature for all employers and employees across the state

I’d like David Howard’s password for first.

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