Dear Denny: Don’t keep taxes low on my account


Dear Denny Rehberg (or Steve Daines, if this clusterbudget outlasts Denny’s term in office): I know neither you nor Barack Obama want to see my taxes go up – I don’t make enough for my taxes to do more than pay the interest on the money we’re not getting from Mitt Romney, but I want you to know I’m more than happy to bite the bullet. Supposedly, you represent me when you demand to keep taxes at a minimum, but I think I can handle it. At least, I can handle it better than people who rely on the Federal government can handle their funds being slashed, better than our highways can handle losing funding.

And to Max and Jon: I can certainly handle it better than food stamp recipients can handle cuts to their benefits, or the unemployed can handle cuts to theirs. So if it comes down to raising my taxes or cutting those programs, please don’t cut those programs on my account.

And you know, I think I’m not alone. It might take a little belt tightening, but I bet we can handle bringing our tax records back to the bad old days before 2000. You know, when we had a budget surplus and a growing economy? (A similar argument could be made that we’ll still be safe and powerful with the levels of defense spending that kept us safe powerful in 2000, but perhaps that’s a conversation for a different day.)



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Ingemar Johansson
Ingemar Johansson

I’m with ya Matt. Bring the Clinton tax rates back.

Along with the spending levels.

Ingemar Johansson
Ingemar Johansson

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