Tea Partiers from Around the Country Want Montana to Leave


A Montana tea party group has started a petition for Montana to secede from the United States, as reported by Montana Street Fighter yesterday.

The White House website “We the People” states that a petition that gets 25,000 signatures in 30 days will reviewed by the White House. You can view the petition here. The site currently lists 37 petitions calling for different states to withdraw from the U.S.


Why do secessionists think separation is a good deal for the state? Is it the loss of $400 million in federal highway funds? Throwing Great Falls into depression when Malmstrom Air Force Base closes down and stops providing $260 million per year into the local economy? Or do these anti-government conservatives secretly relish the idea of setting up a new bureaucracy to handle passports, border control, and imports?


The petition provides some of the answers. Less than 10% of the signatories are from Montana. For the other 92%, the petition is saying, “See you later. We never wanted Montana as a United State anyway.”


When I looked at the list of secessionists, there were 619 Montanans out of 7,425 names. Another 1,679 left their address blank.
 Here’s the other top states:
  • Texas – 498
  • Florida – 345
  • Georgia – 282
  • California – 256
  • Alabama & Louisiana – 255 (tied)
Hundreds are signing the petition every hour, but here’s the list I downloaded at 8:00 PM MST yesterday.

**UPDATE: November 22, 2012:  Thousands signed the petition in its first few days, but the number has leveled off somewhat.  As of 9:00 am today, there are 13,406 names on the list, and 1,970 (15%) with Montana addresses. The updated list is available here.


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  • Playing off the extremists of the right wing, secessionists, Tea Party and the like, has been a effective strategy for herding voters into voting for Democrats, who are at best “center right.” (I am being generous. Obama appears to be a neocon.) I would remind you that the numbers you present here are statistically insignificant, and that from a manipulative standpoint, the next election is two years away.You might want to hold off. The fear card works, but don’t overplay your hand.

    • Far from fearmongering, the Tea Party has made this into an issue. If they’re going to bring it up at the 2013 session (as in 2011), the blogging community should call it out.

      This post has nothing to do with statistical significance. The term refers to the margin of error for results based on a representative sample. Here, there’s no sample–I looked at 100% of the names. If you’re going to attack my posts, please use real arguments

      • The tactic of playing off the extremes of the supposed other party to distract from the complicity of your own in advancing the neocon agenda abroad and the austerity agenda at home is what I am addressing. statistically insignificant fringe groups are a literary device.

        I know how to use my words, even studied statistics.

  • Maybe all these out-of-staters signees are packing up to move here.

    Especially when you can register and vote on the same day.

  • It’s awfully nice of them to put so much work into the mandatory call-up list for the FEMA re-education camps.

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