Election 2012: Update #11: Republicans Make Me Sad. America Makes Me Hopeful


It’s astonishing. After they called Ohio for Obama, Fox is still maintaining that Romney has a “narrow path” to win the Presidency. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA


In 2008, when Obama won, I posted this: “We face an enormous set of challenges, but it is hard not to be inspired tonight. It’s not just that we have elected someone who embodies what the American Dream has always been about, but that we have chosen a leader who believes that America can live up to its best aspirations, not live down to its worst fears.  It’s time for us all to do what we can to make that a reality.” Even more true today.

Bozeman Daily Chronicle is reporting that the last voter got in the door at 9:23 at Gallatin Co. fairgrounds. The big cities are all reporting an incredible surge of voters.

Boy, the old white men of Punditville should probably watch themselves tonight. Whether it was George Will babbling about how “demographics” won or Bill O’Reilly worrying about the “white establishment,” I think some people need to re-think what it means to be an American.

Tester up 56-38 on Rehberg early, with Dan Cox pulling in 5.39%.

The “reporters” on Fox sound like Iraqi ministers of propaganda during the Gulf War.

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