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Want to Learn More About Rehberg’s H.R. 1505?


Want to know more about the bill the Sierra Club calls “a big polluter ploy on our borders”? A bill Montana’s Indian tribes were never consulted about? A bill Republican Steve Daines says will lead to “a bunch of federal bureaucrats and federal authorities here usurping the rights and the authorities we have here in Montana”? A bill Montana Hunters and Anglers say will “the Department of Homeland Security complete control over millions of acres of federal public lands in Montana”? A bill that conservative Chuck Baldwin says “is a monstrous bill that lurches the United States forward into a federal police state in giant strides”?


A bill that, despite all of this opposition, Dennis Rehberg continues to support?

Then do yourself a favor and visit this excellent site which provides a great deal of information about Mr. Rehberg’s terrible bill.

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