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From what I’m looking now at the election results, its still not certain who will win the Democratic primary for Attorney General. I just want to be on the record saying this – whoever wins, I will support. Sure, Bucy’s supporters have driven me nuts, and I believe they have done their candidate, as well as Laslovich, a great deal of damage for the primary. But if Bucy is the candidate, Strategies 360 had better send a thank you note to Tim Fox, because if the Republicans had fielded a halfway decent candidate, I might not bother to vote for Pam Bucy.

However, the fact is, they did not, and so whatever issues we may have had during the campaign, it’s time to rally around the best candidate. Because regardless of the behavior of her campaign, I have yet to see a substantial problem with Pam Bucy as a candidate, nor have I seen anything to recommend Tim Fox to me. I hope the Bucy partisans will adopt the same attitude if Laslovich wins.

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  • Nah. I thought all of us Bucy supporters would just vote for Tim Fox if Laslovich wins………..What are you? Freakin’ NUTS?! Methinks you’re attempting to read too much into the primary campaigns. Let it go, dude. Let it go. HEY, even though I voted for Bucy, I still like Laslovich too. It just ain’t that big of issue that you try to make of it. Anyone who’s followed Montana politics as long as I have understands that we get Dems of all stripes, even PUBBIE Dems like Mini Barfus.

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