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  • I will give Hill credit, he is sticking to the meme he has used since the beginning of his campaign – Jobs. He is skating a thin line with his statements about his voting record and it should be interesting to see how people respond to it.

    I hope that Hill does win (though a Miller victory would give the same result). Neither are capable of winning against Bullock/Walsh and this race is all but over. Hill is just easier to target because of the very baggage he didn’t want Stapleton to air.

  • Yeah, all those votes in favor of Obamacare and all those tax hikes, boy how can Hill dodge those? Oh yeah, that’s right, he didn’t support either of them. If Stapleton really thought he had actual baggage on Hill, why did he lead with such ridiculous whoppers and thereby lose his credibility? The Navy boy cried wolf and got called out, now is anyone going to believe his claims on the rest of the so-called baggage? Another reason why the only person giving to Stapleton’s campaign is himself.

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