GOP Race for Governor Gets Ugly


It’s pretty clear that none of the second tier candidates (read all but Rick Hill) has much of a chance in the GOP primary for governor, but it seems that little chance of winning hasn’t stopped at least one of them from going negative against the frontrunner.

Witness this subtle attack ad against Rick Hill, which accuses the former Congressman of “Adultery and Abuse.”


The piece comes from an organization calling itself “Montana Conservative Families,” a group that seems only to exist to spread the news about Rick Hill’s infidelity during his first marriage.

I can’t think of a candidate who a) fancies himself to be a legitimate contender and b) needed some news to distract from his own campaign mid-last week, and c) WHO APPEARS in the ad.

While the ad calls Miller a “devout Christian,” one has to wonder if he (or a devoted supporter) missed that whole second testament, which talks about forgiveness and compassion.

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  • I think you are are sleeping on the Ken Miller candidacy. I’m seeing a ton of support for him in Central Montana (read Lewistown) and Billings.

    • It’s possible, though I still think Hill benefits from being the (relatively) moderate candidate in the race. Given that the extremists will split their votes between Miller and the others, it benefits Hill.

      Given how little traction any of the other second tier candidates have gotten, though, Miller could be in this.

  • Ouch! Looks like Miller is giving Bullock a hand up in the general election. Thanks, Ken.

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