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Dennis Rehberg Brings His Reality-Challenged View to the START Treaty


Congressman Dennis Rehberg (R-Know Nothing) is at it again, this time sending a government funded mailer to constituents asserting that that START Treaty will gut the nuclear force at Malmstrom Air Force base.

One has to love Rehberg’s sourcing, which consists of…uh…high-ranking….uh…anonymous people:

A Rehberg spokesman didn’t disclose who told the congressman that the true intent is to gut Malmstrom, or whether they are sources inside the administration or how close to the decision they could be.

It makes sense that Rehberg would want to score points on military issues, given his past opposition to expanding the GI Bill, Senator Tester’s work on veterans’ issues, and the work Senators Tester and Baucus have done to protect the Air National Guard deployment in Great Falls, but for him to lie to Montanans in lieu of an actual achievement is yet another reminder why the only reason someone would vote for this clown is to keep him out of Montana.

Rehberg’s also wrong about the START Treaty, which won Senate approval on a bipartisan 71-26 in 2010.  Republican Richard Lugar, who knows more about nuclear proliferation than Rehberg knows about frivolous lawsuits, said that not ratifying the treaty would be a disaster for national security:

Lugar also warned that the failure to ratify the treaty could have drastic consequences for other facets of U.S.-Russia nuclear cooperation — especially the Nunn-Lugar effort to secure loose nuclear materials throughout the former Soviet Union.

If START fails, the cooperation between the United States and Russia on securing loose nukes could be imperiled, representing an even bigger risk for national security, Lugar said.

"There are still thousands of missiles out there. You better get that through your heads," he said, directing his comments to members of his own party.

Dennis Rehberg: wrong on veterans’ issues, wrong on national security. Just plain wrong.

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