National Bar Association: Cebull Must Go


The National Bar Association, the nation’s oldest and largest association of African American lawyers and judges, says that Judge Cebull’s attempt at an apology is simply insufficient:

The National Bar Association (NBA) is urgently calling for the resignation of Chief Judge Richard Cebull of Montana after he admitted to forwarding a racist email from his chambers on February 20, 2012 aimed at President Barack Obama. Judge Cebull on Wednesday admitted that the forwarded email was racist and has caused outrage among many organizations including the NBA, the nation’s oldest and largest association of African American lawyers and
judges. NBA President Daryl D. Parks made the following statement regarding Judge Cebull’s actions:

“Judge Cebull’s actions are inexcusable and should be reprimanded to the highest degree. His actions challenge his commitment to honoring the conduct and doctrine of jurisprudence and call into question his ability to govern impartially under the law. Furthermore, his sensitivity to issues and matters as it relates to race and his obligation to govern on the federal bench has been jeopardized.

Read the rest of their statement here.

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I see the Montana Human Rights Network is calling for Cebull's resignation, too:

Ingemar Johansson
Ingemar Johansson

There's a joke their somewhere.

But my lips are sealed.

jack ruby
jack ruby

You were wondering why David Stern did not comment in the article?

larry kurtz

John S. Adams: House Judiciary to probe Cebull.

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