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Jon Tester

Tester Campaign goes after Rehberg on undisclosed spending


Senator Tester’s campaign is currently running a Facebook ad targeting Developer Denny’s support for the Citizens United and unbridled corporate spending in our elections.

I may be mistaken, but up till now, I believe all of Tester’s Facebook ads have focused on Tester himself.  This may be the campaign’s first ad targeting Rehberg – again, I may be mistaken.

In any case, if you click on the ad, you’re taken to a new page on Senator Tester’s campaign website, with a header that reads “$1 MILLION IN FALSE ATTACKS AGAINST JON TESTER | NO ACCOUNTABILITY, NO DISCLOSURE, NO LIMITS.”

The page does a great job dissecting the attacks against Tester and closely examines Rehberg’s disturbing record of supporting huge corporations buying our elections.

The battle over corporate spending is fascinating, important, and will be a major issue in this year’s election with Bullock trumpeting his challenge to the Supreme Court’s decision and Tester challenging Rehberg to oppose Super PACs getting involved in Montana’s U.S. Senate race.


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