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Tim Fox Endorses Democratic Candidates for Attorney General


Tim Fox, today in a hard-hitting interview with a conservative radio show in Missoula said this of the Attorney General’s position:

“It’s certainly not a place to be trying to do a little on the job training.”

I couldn’t agree more and that’s why one of the Democratic candidates would make an excellent choice.

Consider Jesse Laslovich:

In 2007, then-Attorney General Mike McGrath appointed Jesse as an Assistant Attorney General, where he defended criminal convictions before the Montana Supreme Court and was the lead attorney for the office of Consumer Protection. In 2009, Montana’s Commissioner of Securities and Insurance, Monica J. Lindeen, appointed Jesse as a Special Assistant Attorney General to prosecute securities fraud and insurance fraud. In early 2010, Jesse became Chief Legal Counsel for the Securities and Insurance Departments. That same year, United States Attorney Mike Cotter appointed Jesse as a Special Assistant United States Attorney to prosecute white collar crimes in federal court.

Consider Pam Bucy:

During her seven years as Executive Assistant Attorney General under former AG and current Supreme Court Chief Justice Mike McGrath, Pam represented the State of Montana in complex civil and criminal matters before the Montana Supreme Court.  She also spearheaded the Department of Justice’s efforts to pass legislation to register sexual and violent offenders, help senior citizens protect their identity and credit information and ensure protective orders, such as restraining orders, can be more easily enforced.

While Mr. Fox has certainly enjoyed a lot of short term employment, he’d be hard-pressed to make the case that he has more experience than either of these two qualified candidates.

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