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This Week in Tin Foil From Montana Republican Legislators


The Montana Republican Party likes to pretend that the bad press they received during the last session was simply an example of liberal media bias rather than an objective look at just how out of touch with reality their proposals often were.

Joe Read, representative from Ronan and internationally renowned climatologist, believes that the UN insidiously undermining America, one city council at a time:


David Howard, representative from Park City, shared this nuanced commentary about his political opponents:


It’s tempting to dismiss these as nothing more than the inane ramblings of a few fringe lunatics, but this is the face of the Montana GOP—a party so out of touch with both the political mainstream and reality that comments like these pass without question.

I can’t believe that these are the viewpoints of most conservative Montanans. When they vote for the candidate with the R after his or her name, they’re voting for a party that may not have existed for the past 8-10 years.

Heading in 2012, it’s critical that Democrats keep reminding Montana voters just how extreme these views are.

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