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National Attention for Representative Rehberg


It’s certainly rare for a member of Congress only known for naming post offices to get much national attention, but our own Congressman, in his bold, lonely quest to defend tobacco companies from regulation and to prevent students from getting nutritious lunches managed to do just that.

Anson Kaye, for US News and World Report:

As if any more explanation is needed, Rehberg elaborates: “I hate to try and define the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist, between a sociologist and a geologist, but there clearly is a difference.”

That’s what hit me like a lightning bolt.

I mean, really. What is the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist? I sure don’t know, and I’m equally sure there’s no way to find out.

And the difference between a sociologist and a geologist? That’s bedeviled great thinkers since the antiquity. (I think a sociologist is some kind of flying saucer and a geologist may have to do with socks, but that’s just a guess, and I blurted it out because I’m panicked.)

Seriously, read and enjoy the whole piece.

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  • “What is the difference between a optomologist, a proctologist, and a veternarian”, asks Dopey Reeburp?  “Gee, it’s just all so confusing for a poor boy from Billings who grew up on the Rims without none of them there mordern conveniences and lectricity and all.  So’s, I never got all the book learnin’ I should’a. In fact, I nearly froze my can off just goin’ to the can outside in the outhouse durin’ the winter time. Can someone out there help this poor country bumpkin out?”

    Why SURE, Dopey!  I’d be glad to answer your questions for you.  It’s really quite easy.  Let’s say you need new glasses ’cause you can’t see to good with your old ones.  The optomoligist is the guy who will determine the kind of glasses you need.  But first, you must go see the proctologist to get you HEAD outta your ass so the optomologist can examine you.  But  even prior to that, the proctologist must consult with a veternarian because they have more expertise in dealing with horse’s asses like yourself! Yes, it’s a little complicated, but each of these professionals has a different job to do. Take your time, and just THINK about it.  Don’t strain yourself though, Dopey.

    Get it now, Dopey?  Hope this helps clear things up for you.

    And BTW, folks, do you’all NOW understand why I refer to this moron as Dopey Reeburp?  The guy is a complete dumbass AND a horse’s ass!  He is simply a teawanker talking point!  If he EVER agrees to debate Tester, it will be ugly!  You see, Sen. Corndog Buns was a horse’s ass too, but Corndog knew how to stay on a talking point like stink on poo poo and never digress.  And, Corndog was folksy and likeable.  Even if you knew that Corndog was a horse’s ass, it was hard to dislike him.

    But it’s easy to dislike Dopey.  He’s mean, nasty, ugly. and petty.  In other words, he’s the perfect Teawanker!  What an ass the dude is.  Like the commercial, “do you hear me now”?  Do you believe me now? 

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