A Critical Endorsement in the School Board Elections


Despite my best efforts to get my recommendations out in a timely fashion, I was beaten to the endorsement punch by someone who rarely seeks the spotlight in Helena: Tim Ravndal and his Lewis and Clark Conservative Tea Party.

I think it tells voters almost everything they need to know about the positions Barb Rush, Brittany Renshaw, and Jeanne Sticht would take as members of the Board, given the endorsement of Mr. Ravndal. When he’s not advocating murdering a young man because he’s gay or waving a firearm around the Capitol to get the media’s attention, Mr. Ravndal spends his time making it quite clear how important it is to get a good education. Stay in school, kids!

One final thought. The reason Mr. Ravndal endorsed and even sought out these candidates should make it quite obvious why you’ll probably want to vote for the other three qualified candidates:

In an effort to try and change the makeup of the board so that it more closely represents the lifestyles, morals and beliefs of the people of the Helena area, the LCCTP has sought to find and encourage concerned citizens willing to take on the establishment.

Coded hate speech aside, does anyone really believe these reactionaries represent the values of our community? Not the one I have lived in for the past 18 years. Not the one our children should be raised in.

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