Does Sex Ed Increase Teen Pregnancy?


That is a claim made by Helena Youth Advocates PAC, the organization running IR ads for Barbara Rush, Brittany Renshaw and Dr. Jeanne Schmidt for School Board. They claim that

“–Sex Ed has been in the schools since the 1960’s. It hasn’t improved student achievement.
–Teen pregnancy, STI’s & STD’s have dramatically increased since sex-ed has been introduced into schools.”

Turns out, that’s not true. . Unmarried teen pregnancies have risen, but that is largely due to the decrease in teenage couples getting married. This would suggest that attitudes towards premarital sex and young pregnancy have changed more than the actual behaviors have.

Now, anyone who is going to come and tell me that this is because of abortion out to take a closer look at the graph. Birth rates go down well before Roe v. Wade and the accompanying increase in teen abortions.

So sex education has not had the effect Barbara Rush claims. Moreover, unlike Barbara Rush’s entire philosophy, that an accepting culture encourages sexual liberties and thus pregnancy, STDs, etc., it seems that while a disapproving society can pressure teenagers into marriage, it can’t keep them from having premarital sex. The least we can do is give them viable ways to prevent the worst consequences.

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