Great Editorial About Upward Bound


I told Zach Hawkins, who works with Upward Bound at the school where I work, that I would post this opinion piece he wrote about the need to continue funding opportunities for low-income students. I think this is critically important if we are going to make our economy into one that has the flexibility to be successful in the next decades. Here’s two great paragraphs (From the whole piece) Zach wrote:

“Why propose legislation that cuts billions of dollars designed to help the most disadvantaged Americans at a time when they need help the most? Attempts to pass bills jeopardizing the existence of programs necessary to make America competitive globally are reckless. Short-term political gain should not be at the root of decisions that will impact the long-term economic stability and national security of America. Montana cannot afford more cuts to higher education. If enacted, HR 1 could eliminate services for almost 6,000 Montana students currently served by the Talent Search and Educational Opportunity Center programs in the near future.”

“Educating our impoverished — and often marginalized — population has the added benefit of saving on social and correctional costs in the long term. So while HR1 may appear to be a serious attempt to cut deficits on the surface, we should be willing to applaud those lawmakers who examine it with a longer view of its impact on Montana residents, America’s citizens and the deficit as a whole.”

To that point I’ll add some perspective – federal funding for the TRIO programs is under a billion dollars. Federal spending on prisons? Over six billion.

Read the whole thing, it’s definitely worth thinking about.

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