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Seven Months and $700


That’s how long it took and how much it cost to successfully get a visa for my fiancee. Obviously, it was worth every minute and every penny, and twice that! Of course, she won’t be able to legally work for another little while, and over a thousand more dollars. And all of this being engaged to an American citizen.

The next time someone talks about ‘my grandparents entered this country legally, why can’t these new immigrants do the same?”, this is why. And in case you were wondering why this is a bad thing – she and I have the same level of education and job experience. Now, imagine if we were BOTH paying taxes for the whole seven months (and neither of us withdrawing anything from Social Security or Medicare), instead of just one of us.

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The Polish Wolf


  • You’re taking the vows ? Congrats.

    Think about it this way – in 10 years you won’t care about the $700 bucks, or the 7 months. This is coming from 28 years of marriage experience –

    • Thanks Eric. Frankly, I don’t really care about the 700 bucks right now…though the seven months was rough!

  • Congrats, PW! By-the-way, my wife is from the Philippines but it didn’t cost us that much (She got her visa in 1978). We have been married for 32 years now and she is now a U.S. citizen.

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