#MTLeg Tweets of the Week 09 April 2011


Runners Up

  • @Helena_Dshbag:Can’t stand @AGBullock’s blatant campaign scheme to crack down on Drunk Drivers, Totally wrecking my way of life. Hale for Gov 2011!! #mtleg
  • @bryce_bennet:Popular House Terms: Fiat Dollar (Out), Keynesian (In) #MTLeg
  • @Helena_Dshbag:Hey #mtleg Notice most buildings in bonding bill are Ed related? I suspect underhanded maneuver by #mtdems to educate #MT public. D’oh!!!
  • @Mike_Wessler:Here’s a few more proposed GOP brands that fit their bills: "unconstitutional" "mandatory ultrasound" "job killer" #BetterGOPBrands #MTLeg
  • @MontanaNut:3rd horse of the MT legislative apocalypse sighted: "veterinarian" Kerns speaks out against animal welfare bill (SB 421) #mtleg
  • @brycebennett:Rep. O’Neil insults every women in the state with his comments about which women are dependent and independent. This has gone too far.#MTLeg


@MontanaNut:wow…I think we’re now at the point where the emergency oxygen masks drop out of the ceiling of #mtleg

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