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Roger Koopman: My Kind of Republican


Roger Koopman knows conservatism. You might say he is conservatism in Montana, and I applaud his efforts to expose the Montana Legislature for the hotbed of Marxist-Leninism it has so clearly become in the past few months.

Koopman is compiling a scorecard of Legislature for his Montana Conservative Alliance in which he categorizes members as Conservative, Conservative Leaning, Liberal Leaning, or Liberal.

Half way through this session, one marked by massive votes in favor of nullifying federal laws and allowing guns in banks and bars, Koopman has determined that more members of the GOP caucus are left of center than right.

Some of the specifics are even more amazing.

Twenty of the Republicans are identified as Liberal Leaning, including these champions of the progressive left: Wendy Warburton, Pat Ingraham, Jim Shockley, and Ken Peterson.

More ominously, Koopman identified a collection of 33 “Republican” Internationale-singing, beret-wearing, borscht-eating Liberals, including Janna Taylor, Mike Milburn, Taylor Brown,and Jeff Welborn.

That is some kind of litmus test for conservatism! One can almost imagine Koopman running through a list of potential candidates for office.

Genghis Khan—ruthless, nomadic herder, believed in private property, strong defense of the right to bear arms… but he did promote religious tolerance. Liberal Leaning

Ronald Reagan—raised taxes, gave signed a bill granting amnesty to illegal aliens, held meetings with our Soviet adversaries. Communist Leaning

I can honestly say I wish nothing but the best for Mr. Koopman in his crusade to purify the Republican Party. It can’t come quickly enough.

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