#MTLeg Tweets of the Week 06 March 2011


The past week at the Montana Legislature was one of rallies with real significance and club meetings with little importance (but big guns), discussion about jobs, but votes on social issues. In the midst of it all, wisdom, in the form of 140 character remarks, was handed down to the masses. These are some of the best:

The Runners Up

@Mike_Wessler Is there a reporters rally going on outside right now? #mtleg

@kevhamm: During the time off for Transmittal, everyone must do their part to make it better. Charlie Sheen is making the #MTLeg look almost sane. huh

@Mike_Wessler: Dear Rights, We had a good time together. But you have to go now, because #MTLeg is in town again to take you away

@ChuuchSaysSo: Someone should define “jobs bill” for the MTGOP. You’d think it’s a bill that creates jobs. But apparently, that’s not the case. #MTLeg

@MontanaNut: Can’t wait to watch the hatin’ gun-totin’ scowlin harbingers of secession on the front steps of #MTLeg tomorrow

The Winner

@IBEW233: The Tale Of Two Rallies. Pictures truly are worth 1000 words! #mtleg #1u #wiunion #teaparty http://yfrog.com/h8qhmnj

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