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Dear Media, Stop Picking on the Republicans


Just an absolutely amazing story in the Havre Daily News today, in which local legislators complain about unfair media attention regarding their “work” in the session thus far. Representative Hansen offered this heartfelt complaint:

Rep. Kris Hansen said the media has been focusing on issues that are controversial, while ignoring other issues the Legislature is dealing with. 

“From headlines and in-depth articles, you probably think we’re doing nothing but crazy, ” she said.

You might imagine where my criticism is headed here: to remind you just how crazy the proposals from the Havre contingent have been during the session. After all, these are the people who wanted to create a local militia, mandate ultrasounds before abortions, and invalidate local anti-discrimination initiatives.

But no, that’s not it. You need to keep reading what Representative Hansen had to say. What did Representative Hansen offer as an example of critical job creating legislation?  Not requiring landlords to include carbon monoxide detectors in their units.

Finally, Representative Hansen talked about the response she has received during the session–thousands of critical e-mails for every 3-4 positive ones. Frankly, that’s hard to believe. Who possibly could be praising her work?

Representative Warburton, worried that she might not get as much as attention as her colleague in delusion, eloquently opined that Republicans are more focused on employment:

“Everyone knows the Republicans are really about jobs, but they’re sure trying to look like Republicans this session, ” she said. “Or if they have this ridiculous bill, they’ll stand up and try to convince us how this is a jobs bill, you’ve got to vote for this crap. It’s entertaining sometimes. ”

Yeah, it’s certainly the media that’s making the Republicans look bad, isn’t it?

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Don Pogreba

Don Pogreba is a seventeen-year teacher of English, former debate coach, and loyal, if often sad, fan of the San Diego Padres and Portland Timbers. He spends far too many hours of his life working at school and on his small business, Big Sky Debate.

His work has appeared in Politico and Rewire.

In the past few years, travel has become a priority, whether it's a road trip to some little town in Montana or a museum of culture in Ísafjörður, Iceland.


  • WTFaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? Methinks that Pope Really Windy Wendy Warpburpin' the First has been talkin' to G-O-D again!

    Doorknobs. Yes, that's right. These two religeeous fundiwackmentalists women are dumber than DOORKNOBS!

    Hey, Pope Wendy, how's that militia bill working out for you? You see, Pope Wendy, you've got even ME contemplating a return to religion. For you see, your ignorance can ONLY be explained by divine intervention! It is NOT of human origin! IT'S A MIRACLE!

    I'm old. Actually, REALY old! Nearly sixty. I remember the days when the very first TV preachers started showing up in the late fifties. They were f*cking LAUGHABLE, sleazy, greasy, shyster characters who specialized in bilking old people and shutins out of their money. Well, at that time, who in the freakin' right mind would have thought that these SAME inbred preachers from the hills of ol' Kentuck would somehow morph into a political force with enough influence to create religeeous wacko inbred characters in Montana like Wenday and Hansen?

    NO ONE I'd say! The world has gone topsy turvy, and it's damn HARD on us old dudes! Why? 'Cause we've got a very, very low bullshit tolerance level. When I see Pope Wendy, I laugh my ASS off! And cry, for NO ONE should take this imbecile seriously! The woman is a friggin' IDIOT! But the sad thing is that, unfortunately, there are those that take her seriously!

    Thank GOD I'll probaly be dead before the shiite gets REAL bad. But until I hop the twig, I MUST point out that these people are freakin' CRAZY and unAmerican! They must be stopped before they can do any more damage! Their sh*t bills have REAL consequences that hurt REAL people! Havre, DO YOUR DUTY! Geez, you USED to be a democratic town filled with good, unior railroaders. WHEN did you morons gind JAYSUS and the Confederidiot Inbreds?

    Take it from this old dude for what it's worth.

  • Sorry for the typos. These inbreds make me FURIOUS! And then I gotta take a drink. And my blood pressure medication! It should read, re. Havre, WHEN did you morons FIND Jaysus and become Confederidiot racist inbreds like Pope Wendy?

  • The Gazette's getting it right;

    I went to my Pachyderm meeting, and listened to the legislators, and they are on the right track.

    They are working to make Montana mmore business-friendly by reforming the Workmens Comp rates, loosening anti-business regulations, cutting spending, etc.

    Plus, they have to repair the DAMAGE from six years of Schweitzerism.

  • Excellent post. I too loved this article. I wrote a post on it today, not realizing you had already covered this so nicely, including a point that I missed – blaming the media. While I'm here, please allow me to tell you that I love the new look of your site.

  • Will Deschamps brought this exact topic up at the Lincoln-Reagan luncheon in Victor this weekend. He used his time at the podium to say, "The press aren't our friends. They never have been, they never will be," using Rep. Hansen as his example. "She's really, really getting beaten up." He said he left a list of Republican job creating bills on the table.

    The best part was, after his speech absolutely blasting the press, he approached me, gave me one of his handouts and said, "I hope you didn't take that personally."

  • Warburton indeed jealous, as she's hoping for media attention to help enlist 'select and preferred' members of the public of a certain political 'persuasion' to be part of the Wendy Warburton Free Havre Militia, led by Florida's 'Colonel' Skees to seize Malmstrom AFB and start the 'Secession', and establish a spear factory for exports to fund their vision of 'DennyCare', complete with snake-healers, potions and blood-letting. Every citizen MUST make effort to vote no matter what, get out and don't say 'you wish you had voted' in 2010, get out and get involved, Speak Truth to Power' and as Andrew Jackson said, 'Even when just one citizen shows courage, THAT is a majority', and that's true on the battlefield and in civics, which is NOT a spectator sport, so
    get out their, challenge the 'baggers' and march!

  • Together with every little thing which seems to be building inside this area, your opinions are actually rather refreshing. Having said that, I am sorry, but I do not subscribe to your entire strategy, all be it exciting none the less. It seems to everybody that your opinions are not entirely rationalized and in simple fact you are generally your self not thoroughly convinced of the argument. In any event I did appreciate reading through it.

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