Steve Daines Needs to Update His Sleazy AstroTurf Campaign


It’s kind of embarrassing that the Internet wizard from Bozeman running for thedaines (1) U.S. House hasn’t managed to update the logo on his web site to reflect the office that Dennis Rehberg is letting him run for, especially when I have already thoughtfully provided him with a new, updated logo.

Embarrassment is one thing, sleaze is another. As the Montana Democrats pointed out, Daines has been breaking the law with the help of the far right organization “Common Sense Montana,” relying on the organization for dishonest robocalls. It seems someone forgot to pull the AstroTurf, though, as Common Sense Montana is still attacking Senator Tester.

What does  a search for Common Sense Montana yield on Google? A sleazy, amateurish, AstroTurf attack on Jon Tester full of fake blog entries and dishonest claims about the Senator. I’m certain that Mr. Daines would be “shocked, shocked to find” that the organization he recorded an ad and robocalls for would be behind such a cynical campaign strategy.

Daines is no stranger to illegal campaigning, of course, but his latest efforts seem especially sloppy and dishonest. Once you’ve switched races, shouldn’t someone turn off the “independent” smear machine?

Montanans deserve a better candidate, no matter which office he’s allowed to run for.

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